I know my child better than anyone else!

Okay so doctors have been trying to find a diagnosis for my little man for 2 years now and nothing has come out of it, so I took the matter in my own hands! Or actually a friend of my mom’s recommended this amazing book called “Sofies Nye Verden” (Sophies New World) by Larz Thielemann (a Danish dad) – WOW what an amazing book. A father has written about his battle for giving his brain-injured girl a better life and helping her developing. He has dedicated his life for this. His girl was very brain-injured but now she has so many functions and has learned to crawl, creep and walk. She can now eat and drink on her own. She can run and talk a little etc.

 I know all parents will do anything for their kids but when you have a brain-injured child the systems fails and leaves the parents with absolutely no hope for the future. My son is most likely a brain-injured child, he’s very behind in development and it doesn’t seem to be better for the moment. The last year has done nothing and there’s no improvement but he’s a fighter, I just know it otherwise I will definitely fight for him!

This book gives true inspiration and hope for a better future. It describes exactly the battle we parents have to go through when we have children not functioning like other “normal” children. The system fails and the only thing we are offered is a place for our children called a “special kindergarten” (I like to call it a storage place for our kids) because when all comes to all the only thing being done for these children is taking care of them but not helping them to develope – When my boy got a seat in this special kindergarten 2 years ago I was pleased and thought: Oh well, finally something positive and my son can develop and get better” but wow was I mistaking? Oh yes, nothing is better and actually my little man has lost more skills. This could be the result of some kind of diagnosis but no one knows. Anyways to make a long story short I will now try to be involved with “treating” my boy myself at home!

This book “Sofies Nye Verden” (Sophies New World) describes how a father begins with the method called The Doman Treatmeant (Glenn Doman is the author of this book “What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” (Glenn Doman has written many books). The Doman Method is a mixture of a healthy diet (no sugar, no gluten & no milk) and neurological training (it’s preferred to be done at home and that the child is not going to a kindergarten or institution) – I could go on and on about telling about the treatment but that’s not the point.

My point is that I am now taking this in my own hands and I feel so very empowered and inspired to do so! It has truly opened my eyes about the system and about how doctors can’t find a diagnosis but just keeps on guessing and testing and giving parents bad thoughts about the future. I know that we can’t always find diagnoses for everything and hey a diagnosis doesn’t change the fact that my son is not well but it could perhaps make things a little easier to understand?!

I have already planned a meeting with Larz Thielemann and my boy and me are going to meet Larz on April 20. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about all of this and do believe that this will be the beginning of something amazing. Also I need to convince my boy’s disability consultant and family department in my community that I need to take my boy out of this kindergarten and treat him myself. I have everything to gain and nothing to lose at this moment.

Some of you might think that I’m crazy for even considering to take my boy out of kindergarten but come on this is an institution where my boy gets strapped in a chair and then he can just look around but not move at all and my boy CAN walk. This kindergarten doesn’t improve my boy in anyway. I need to take full responsibility for my own child. I’m  a single mom but my boy is living a week a my place and then a week at his dad’s – therefore it has been quite the battle with a non-stopping custody case that started in 2008 and it’s not even over yet! But at least my ex is (almost) agreeing to try this home “treatment” but he doesn’t want to take responsibility for it so if this is going to be a reality it will be me and only me doing this for/with my boy. Am very anxious but full of hope.

My dream is to go to Philidelphia, USA, ASAP because I want to take the course: What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child” at The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential. See, that would be nothing less than amazing and to meet this man Glenn Doman and his staff – they have given hope to parents without any hope because the system fails.

I will blog again when I have news about all of this.

 This is my beautiful boy!

“Your brain-injured child deserves the best – search for it, find it, and get it for him, no matter what” – Quote from the book “The Path to Wellness”

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5 Responses to I know my child better than anyone else!

  1. Congratulations on your courage in taking charge of your son’s treatment! You are obviously full of love for him and do know him better than anyone else. If the methods used in the special kindergarten are not working, you should not be criticized for romoving him. People living with brain injuries are living, after all! Good luck to you and your son. He is beautiful.

  2. Louise. says:

    Hej, I’m totally with you, yes you know better than anyone else what your child need… I’m going to meet Larz next month, my son of 5 years old is autist… I’m so exited about this new adventure, and finally happy to find a help that can teach me and help my boy…
    You have the courage to do something that should be a simple right for every mother.
    Be strong, you do right… The humanity still have so much to discover, and the brain injured are one of the way…
    Often I think,” My soon has a super power… He’s autist!” and I feel so proud of him!

    Please, i will be very happy to be in contact with you and shear our experiences…

    All my best regards, good thoughts and love!

  3. Louise. says:

    Ooooh! I forgot, could you give me the IBAN or other references of the book “Sophie’s new world”? Thank you.

  4. majasf says:

    Dear Louise, thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Really hope the best for you & your little boy & you can really look forward to meet Larz, he is a great man!!!
    Have you seen Larz’ website???
    Where are you from???

    XOXO Maja

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