Another visit to the hospital

Tuesday (April 10, 2011) My boy had to go under general anesthesia because doctors needed to make a skin, muscle & spinal cord test on him. This all went okay but of course it was a rough day because it’s never great to see your kid going in anesthesia but my boy was being a true champ as always (this was the second time he was under general anesthesia) – The whole experience at the hospital went fine. But the days after was NOT funny and my boy’s still weak & sick after the spinal cord test. Wednesday and Thursday he couldn’t eat or drink anything without throwing it up right after and Thursday evening I called the hospital because he began throwing up bile but the hospital wasn’t as worried as I was. Friday morning (today) he was still NOT feeling any better and began throwing up for no reason (also he kept taking both hands to his head while looking like he was in great pain) so I called the hospital again and they told me that I should bring him to the hospital. We got there and they took a bloodtest but then sent us back home because they were not worried and hey why hospitalize a child when he’s not almost dying (sorry for being so harsh but do think that the Danish medical system should be more aware of what the parents are telling them & also take some consideration when it’s children, esp. children who’s behind in development and have no language) but anyways we got home again and now I needed to wait for the result of that bloodtest and my boy was so weak and could barely walk and still no eating or drinking. The nurse called me and said that his acid/base wasn’t good and if he’s no better tomorrow we should come back. Great, then they should have hospitalized him the first time. But I kept on trying to offer Tobias something to drink and that paid off in the end and he succeeded on almost drinking a whole glass of juice & he ate 2 pancakes and now he’s sleeping – I’m a happy mom right now and am just praying and hoping that he’s much better tomorrow morning.

The last 2 years have been filled with various examinations of Tobias; EEG Scan, MRI Scan, several bloodtests, Elucidation at Child Psychiatry Department & muliple visits at different hospitals etc. And still no diagnosis or even something that comes near a diagnosis (as for the moment the doctors are telling me that they haven’t seen a boy like my little prince) – He’s def. a limited edition & he’s ALL mine, LOVE him!!!

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