Finding the right path?!



This is my boy about 2 years ago when he loved to “read” & was still interested in different things.





Okay so if you have read my blog before, you know I have a brain-injured boy age 4. The term brain-injured is being used because doctors have no diagnosis & they don’t seem to ever find one. This is what the doctors have done so far:

  1. A MR scan (Tobias was under general anesthesia) – Result: Nothing
  2. An EEG scan – Result: Nothing
  3. Countless Blood Tests – Results: Nothing
  4. Urine Samples – Result: Nothing
  5. Been through the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Department – Result: Nothing useful (They did tell me to “treat” Tobias as if he is autistic – but no diagnosis) 
  6. Been through countless studies on Pediatric Department – Result: Nothing
  7. Just recently they took a muschle, skin & spinal cord biopsy (Tobias was once again under general anesthesia & was very sick the days after) – Result: Can take up to 3 months, am very anxious to get the results.

Despite the fact that the doctors have NO clue on what’s going on with my precious boy they are still making these terrible future predictions such as; “Tobias will end up in a wheelchair, Tobias will never be able to do anything by himself & that I need to admit to the fact that I can’t take care of him myself in a few years b/c by then Tobias will require fulltime help” – Maybe they’re right & maybe they aren’t, I will def. do ANYTHING in my power to proof them wrong & to give my boy the best life, the life he deserves.

When your child is struggling & getting worse you resort to other means, this is what we have tried so far:

  1. Went to a healer – This was very expensive & the result: Nothing
  2. Tried a pathology treatment – What a waste of money & the therapist was wierd – Result: Nothing
  3. Countless visits to a fysioterapist (incl. the one in his kindergarten, who has now given up on Tobias b/c she feels like she can’t train with him b/c of his temper)
  4. Been to a kinesiologist – this was a very moving experience & we are def. going again. She gave Tobias 2 different homeopathic drops – Result: The drops are working a little & can’t wait for the next visit!
  5. The Doman Method (hasn’t started 100% on that but the “diet” is going great & now I’m applying for approval to home train my boy)

This is what Tobias home treatment means :

  • Training of the tactile sense
  • Training of the hearing sense
  • Training of the smell sense (olfaction)
  • Training of the taste sense
  • Training of the vision sense
  • Training of the mobility (This requires that I get my son to creep & crawl again) – He can walk but he never did creep & crawl so according to Doman I need to get him to do that.
  • Training of language (My boy has NO language, he could lot of words before but not anymore)
  • Training of the fine motor skills
  • Training of his social skills
  • Diet: NO sugar, NO milk, NO gluten – Have started the diet & also making lunchboxes for the kindergarten & finally Tobias is eating & loving the “new” food.

(This is ALL the things I need to train with Tobias every day)

As mentioned earlier my boy is 4 years old but in fact this is where he is right now:

  • Vision: 8-14 months of age
  • Hearing: 1-2 years of age
  • Tactile Sense: 2-6 months of age
  • Taste & smelling sense: Maybe at 2-6 months of age (we are not certain)
  • Mobility: 6-12 months of age (but yet he can walk)
  • Language: 2-6 months of age
  • Fine motor skills: 2-6 months of age (but he doesn’t use his hands other than for doing the stereotype movements)
  • Social: 8-14 months of age

As you can read there’s LOADS of things that needs to be done for my boy & even though many would think: He’ll never get there, I KNOW that he WILL!!! We “just” need to get startet on this home treatment. Home treatment means that I as his mother needs to take care of the things above & that he will NO longer go to kindergarten – Really hope this works out b/c am NOT pleased with the kindergarter or our system in total, treating kids like that (like they are stupid & don’t get anything – It breaks my heart that I have to bring my son to such people – Might I add that the kindergarten criticize me for wanting to home treat my boy, wanting the BEST for my boy?! )

I know God has a masterplan for us & we just need to find the right path & just follow it – As a dear friend of mine once told me: Let Go & Let God! That we will!

Just wanted to give you a little insight knowledge about out life – My boy & me

Trying to paint with Tobias – some day he’ll do it himself 🙂 











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One Response to Finding the right path?!

  1. Jake Graff says:

    I know you can do it. I read your post and see how much you love Tobias. Some people we just have to love. The reward for that will be more than we can even imagine.

    Thank you for sharing.

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