For the first time in a very long time!


I can actually shout out to the world that I feel utterly & completely happy. Not that I haven’t been happy all along but not like this, this feels totally right & like a beginning to something extraordinary great. About a week ago my boy & I finally moved into our dream apartment. An apartment on the ground floor instead of the one we just moved out of on the 2nd floor. Couldn’t carry my boy any longer up at all those steps and to be quite frank the old apartment was in a very lousy neighborhood filled with crime & people who just didn’t give any care to anyone else than themselves. Now we live in a very nice & quiet neighborhood & the majority of residents here are elderly people – LOVE it! Just what my oversensitive boy needed & me! Of course it did require a HUGE sacrifice; was forced to give up our 2 cats, Elle & Ella – it was so sad to say goodbye to them but am convinced that we found just the right home for them.

We are not all settled in the new apartment yet because some things still needs to find their right place & still have some paintings & pictures that needs to get up on the walls but oh well everything has just the right place to be & it can take some time to find just that one spot. But all in all our new dream home looks amazing & very cozy: Filled with Joy & Peace!






While I’m writing this blog today, I’m sitting in my kitchen & can’t stop smiling whenever I look at this cow painting I just bought yesterday at the flea market – I just love the colors of the painting & the abstract cow just looks very funny.





If you have been reading some of my stuff before you’ll know that my boy is behind in development & the doctors don’t know why. This month (July) I am attending 3 meetings with my boy’s case worker because I have asked for permission to stay at home & home treat/train my boy because I feel that this will be the best thing to do & also my heart tells me that this is what I should be doing – it will be the answer to improve my boy! Am very nervous & anxious to find out the result of these meetings – but my guess is that I will not know anything before at least 2 months from now – if I get the permission I will be the very first to home treat/train my boy in our community.







My beautiful BFF, Anja     surprised me the other night & came by for a visit. We had a long talk about my boy & the future etc. & she said something that I haven’t thought about before & actually what she said gave me a lot of comfort for the future. Maybe my boy never get language (talk) & maybe he will always walk “funny” (he looks like Jack Sparrow) but as long as his quality of life’s AMAZING & as WORTHY as any other human, it will all be good. Of course I will fight till’ the end of the world to see if there’s anything I can do to help my child & see if there’s anything that can be done to make him better but it gives me comfort a long as he seems happy!


Of course I will still have those days where I feel down but at least our living situation has improved & luckily & Thank you God I have an amazing family & a BFF (I couldn’t live without) to keep me grounded & keeping my Faith!

Also need to share this saying with you all (I have shared it before) but it’s amazing & something we all should remember (Again, Thank you Marlena for sharing it with me)

Let go & let God”


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One Response to For the first time in a very long time!

  1. Laney says:

    I am so happy that you and lil’ man have a new home. It’s amazing what a move can do. Close to two years ago I moved out of one place and into where I live now. I feel so much more at peace now. It’s worth the small sacrifices I had to make financially.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are what lil’ man needs. I wish that you were here, because I would love to help, and there are just so many sources here. But I know that you’ll do whatever you need to do and he will have an amazing life no matter what!

    Love you!!!!

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