Yes, what about me?

Okay so it’s no secret that I’m attending loads of meetings because I have a very unique boy (he’s behind in development & doctors don’t know why) Anyways this blog isn’t about my son but it’s about ME!!! LOL

Of course there’s all the meetings with all different kind of doctors, psychologists, fysiotherapists etc. But because of the fact that I want to hometreat my boy after the Doman method I now have even more meetings to attend, I do it gladly but just don’t understand why I have to go to all these meetings when in fact there’s a law here in Denmark which says that we parents are entitled to take care of our children at home. Anyways, now I have gone to 2 meetings about the hometraining of my son but wow can’t understand how a case worker (who has even joined me in meetings at the hospitals & at my son’s kindergarten) can ask all the questions that I’ve already answered like a million times before & how can she even ask me this: How does your son play when he plays?!!! Hmm if she had studied our case she wouldn’t even ask this question since my son doesn’t play at all!!! But must admit that I was amused at the last meeting I had with her because she asked me this: What about you, don’t you want a boyfriend?!!! (she asked me this question with a very sad face, a face that expressed how much she felt for me not being in a relationship) Haha, can I just laugh, how come a case worker ask me this question? Can we only be truly happy about life if we have a significant other? The answer to that one must be: NO!!! Of course I would like to have a MAN some day but as my life is right now, I wouldn’t even find the time or day for a boyfriend. Then she continues her questions & like almost everybody else (profesionals I have seen because of my son) asks: “What about you? It must be so hard not to know what’s wrong with your kid?” (Me: Hello, of course it’s hard not to know but why do you think I am here? To help my son!!!) This question comes everytime I’m at some kind of meeting. Then she asked: Do you feel well-liked? (Me: Yes I do but being the person I am, fighting for my son’s right & not giving in to an ancient system that doesn’t help brain-injured children but only keeps them “placed” when parents are at work can get you a lot of enemies) Again don’t know what this kind of question has to do with me hometreating my son (when in fact there’s a law that permit me to do so)

Just to clarify: If I get permission to hometreat my son it means that I will be at home all day every day to help my son develop, train the skills he once knew etc. So okay of course that will be very demanding & it will be rough & difficult to be a mom & at the same time to be a “profesional” a trainer for my son!

I totally understand that “profesionals” feel the need to tell me how rough it can be (but I am aware!) but don’t understand how they always manage to ask me this: “But what about you, as Maja and not the maternal part of you?”I am Maja!!! I am a mother!!! No matter how we put this I can’t be Maja without being the mom. I can fully entertain myself & live my life when my boy’s not with me but I can never “forget” him – it’s not like this saying: Out of sight out of mind (not when it comes to our children!!!) esp. not when my boy’s breaking into bits – piece by piece and no one can give me an explanation. As long as I’m breathing I will fight for my boy! I can tell you this much; Even if the doctors some day give a diagnosis for my boy, I will still fight to make his life better!

As I told the case worker at our meeting yesterday: If I don’t do this, I will end up regretting it for the rest of my life because what if this Doman method will work for my boy? Maybe it won’t but at least I have tried it then!

I really wish that instead of a case worker putting all her attention on ME that she put it on my boy, after all it’s my boy who’s struggling for his own life! I can always focus on myself & if I forget to do so, THANK GOD I have an amazing family & a BFF that will make me aware & they remember me but thank you for asking DEAR Case Worker!!! 😉


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One Response to Yes, what about me?

  1. Once again I love your blog, and love the fact that you made it more about you dear. Always nice to read your writings :o)

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