My Rage

I’m FURIOUS right now!!! How & why can a so-called “dad” be so stupid, idiotic, selfish, cruel, mean, unfair, unsympathetic & this pathetic? But okay some men or women are just like that but then why on earth would our “dear” system give these low people any rights? Come on now; think about our kids & their rights & future!!!  Why are we all so concerned about these incompetent dads when they don’t even give a flying crap about their children & only think about themselves?

I’ve been fighting for 3 years, barely made it through not only 1 but 2 child welfare investigations & the result: A child psychologist telling me that my son’s dad have every right to his kid even though he has been missing in action for so many times during our son’s (short) life & oh yes btw she even told me that my son would end up in a bed unable of doing anything on his own & that he would end up in a residential institution because we would not be able to take care of him on our own. Oh well – yes did know that my dear ex would not be able to do so but I CAN!!! After 3 years of this terrible custody case my ex finally caved in & gave my son his rights back to stability & now my son lives with me & only see’s his dad every other weekend, just like it had been before my ex all of the sudden claimed his son for a week at a time!

Am so happy that my son has stability & a safe environment & it shows on my son, he is happier than he has been for a long time & he trusts people more than he did before. Before I couldn’t get him to kindergarten without him being hysterical & so very unhappy but now it’s a whole other case & he’s smiling all morning even when we arrives to the kindergarten but I’m well aware that his dad can come anytime & claim him back – why? Well here in Denmark we believe that every parent has a right to their kids & that’s a beautiful thought but it’s not fair to the children when one parent is incompetent & chooses his or her kid on/off constantly. What kind of parent are you, if your kid is sick/handicapped & then you don’t want your kid but hey if the doctors all of the sudden says that all your kid needs, is 2 pills a day & then BAM your kid is back to normal THEN you want your kid back? SAD!!! Sorry ex but you are the worst person ever right now. I’m sorry that you can’t love your kid for better or worse, that your love is depending on how your kid develops & if it’s the wrong way oh well then you don’t want your kid. How can you put all your trust in a pill, you don’t care about the reason why our son is sick, why he’s missing folic acid in his spinal cord, doesn’t that even matter? What if we could help him on a longer term without pills? Even though all the doctors have told us that they have never experienced this before, they don’t know why, they are not sure of the treatment etc. & when studies from abroad shows that this “disease” need a special diet & that our kid needs to get intense training & help to get back to himself but you don’t care, you just think a pill is going to do all of that? You don’t even think about what all of this has done to our kid mentally & how his confidence is now after 2 years in a disability integrated kindergarten where nothing helped & our kid is being strapped in a chair looking into a wall? That’s how you want your kid to be treated? NO WAY!!! This is it, you don’t get to hurt me or my child anymore & I don’t care what I have to do right now to make everybody see what kind of a coward you are!!! My child deserves the world & if that world is without you, then be it!

Sorry for this angry blog but needed to vent because almost half a year ago my ex & me could actually agree on something: home training for our son because this kindergarten our son is in, is definitely NOT doing any good for our boy & we wanted more rights, dignity & respect for our boy but now because of a pill, my ex is ready to give it all up & just be naive even thought we don’t have any proof that this medication will work yet. We haven’t even started the treatment. I’ve been seeking permission during the last 6 months to home train my son, my ex chose that he wanted NOTHING to do with this home training but he thought it was a great idea & might help our son, it has costs me a fortune to seek knowledge, getting materials, meetings etc. for this home training – we even agreed on a special diet for our son, a diet I kept but about a week ago my ex told me that they haven’t been doing the diet.

My ex can anytime he want to, demand that our son has to live a week at my place & then a week at his place – regardless of his constantly choosing our boy on/off but that’s how our system works.

It breaks my heart feeling this helpless & just the thought about where my son could end, makes me sick! I carried this precious boy for 9 months & I gave birth to him & now I’m dependent on a system listening to me when they haven’t been listening to me the last 3 years? & look where we are now? My ex can’t take care of our son alone for a week & our son is still standing. So conclusion: I was right all along about my ex & him choosing our son on/off, all the professionals was wrong about my son being totally brain damaged & not able to do anything on his own, when my son was about 2,5 years old I was told that he would never walk but hey he’s walking!!! My son is a fighter but we need justice too!!!


Bring it on!!!

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4 Responses to My Rage

  1. Love your blog, it really shows your frustration and how you were feling at the very moment. And AMEN for the whole thing, you are really just telling things like they are and I admire you for exactly that!!!

    • majasf says:

      Thank you so much for you comment!!! You are the best BFF ever & thank you for always listening to my complaints & sorrows. You always put a smile on my face when it’s needed the most!!!

  2. Laney says:

    I hate to hear what is happening with your ex. I wish someone would step in and do something. Lil Man definitely needs stability, which his dad obviously doesn’t provide. I know that the psychologist gave the go ahead for shared custody, but what about his doctor? Do you think it would make any difference if the doctor told the courts that a diet and medication regimen need to be followed and his dad flat out won’t do it? I dunno… It’s just a thought. I know the system over there than it is here, and I wish I could help. Know that I love you both and you’re in my prayers!

    • majasf says:

      Sweetheart, thank you so much.
      The crazy/sad thing is that so many professionals (doctors, psychologists, the people at my son’s kindergarten etc) all agreed with me several times & told me that Tobias would be better off with me & that his dad shouldn’t have him etc but but but as soon as it comes to all these “amazing” professionals to write down their opinions & professional view upon our case, they “choke” & then all of the sudden they don’t want to stand by this beliefes or professional opinions anymore & then they all are saying to me that they are in no position to tell what the system shoul do etc. It’s so horrible that grown ups with education about children don’t want to stand up for my kid, really don’t get our system & the way we fails just to make things easier for the parents. When in fact they are not making anything easier at all.
      But our own private doctor actually wrote down a statement & wrote that she never spoke to my son’s dad & she even wrote down what all this chaos could do to my son etc. but no that wasn’t good enough because she is Tobias’ & my doctor & not my ex’s doctor so therefore they couldn’t use that for anything, just sad!!!
      Thank you, sweets & we love you too!!!

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