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About 6 months ago I applied for permission to hometreat/train my son & now it looks like there will come a result & really think I will get this permission but still have to wait like 6 months before getting the final answer. It has been a struggle to get to this point & have raised my voice so many times that it’s almost gone from all this shouting but gosh this shows just exactly how we, parents, wanna do EVERYTHING for our children & their rights, their rights for a “normal” life.

Tobias’ home training/treatment plan. This is “only” a start-up plan because Tobias has to have the opportunity to learn & understand the different exercises, in time the training/treatment plan will be intensified. But it’s so important that Tobias finds the training/exercises fun & that he doesn’t feel pressured at all. Since Tobias’ starting point is a little bit different from other children who starts the Doman Method it will require some other things & a different approach!!!  



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.00-9.00 am A walk A walk A walk A walk A walk
9.00-9.30 am Morning Snack Morning Snack Morning Snack Morning Snack Morning Snack
9.30-10.00 am ”Reading Cards” ”Reading Cards” ”Reading Cards” Swimning ”Reading Cards”
10.00-11.00 am ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime” Swimning ”TumbleTime”
11.30-12.00 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12.00-1.30 pm Nap Nap Nap Nap Nap
1.30-2.00 pm ”Picture Cards” ”Picture Cards” ”Picture Cards” ”Picture Cards” ”Picture Cards”
2.00-2.30 pm Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time Snack Time
2.30-3.00 pm ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime” ”TumbleTime”
3.00-3.15 pm Day’s Completion Day’s Completion Day’s Completion Day’s Completion Day’s Completion



”TumbleTime” means that Tobias has to learn how to crawl again, this will require a lot of adaptation for Tobias & that’s why I call it “TumbleTime” because Tobias will need to both train how to crawl again & he must learn how to roll from stomach to back & vice versa. This is really “just” all about getting on the floor & play & use the body.


“Reading Cards” are paperboard cards where I have written one word with big letters & I will read out loud that one word from one paperboard card while showing Tobias the card with the word on it. For example the word: “DAD”. This will help Tobias to regain his language. The reading cards will initially consists of words & names on family members. These cards will NOT only be used as scheduled but also be used during the entire day until Tobias understands the different words. During some time the cards will consists of other words, names etc.


“Picture Cards” are the same as the reading cards only these are bigger in size & instead of a word there will be a simple picture (black & white in the beginning) – Tobias will start this with pictures of animals he likes & animals he sees during a day. Hopefully these picture cards will be more detailed. Again I will use these picture cards more during the entire day & not only as scheduled. It’s all about repetitions.


”A Walk” When we first start of this home training, I will put Tobias in his stroller & walk to a green, non trafficked area & then Tobias will have to walk on various terrains, the goal with this: To get Tobias totally out of his stroller & to get him to walk on his own.


“Swimming” Just to have a fun & relaxing time & Tobias loves to be in the pool. This will also improve Tobias & his social skills since we have to go to the local swimming hall.

“Day’s Completion”: After every day I will end our schedule with a massage of Tobias’ hands, feet etc. While giving him a massage we will listen to relaxing music that Tobias’ enjoys.

PLEASE NOTE: EVERY day I will train Tobias’ sense of smell. That is where I find 10 various smells/scents (which will be retained in 10 different cans) & during the day I’ll pick one scent/smell & put it up to Tobias’ nose & then he has to come with some sort of reaction. Like this he will be presented for 10 various scents/smells during a day. I will do the same kind of training with his tactile sense; I will pick 10 various “materials” (a bath sponge, rubber glove, fabric etc.) Will use one “material” on Tobias’ hands & feet during the entire day. This training can result in Tobias regaining his use of hands & this way he can get rid of the Babinski reflex.

Of course, if Tobias is sick there will be NO training that day!!!

This training/treatment plan will of course be updated as I find out what things work & what things don’t work or if I find an even better way of training Tobias etc. The training plan must of course also be updated after Tobias’ skills & development.

During all of this I will keep a journal. That way it will be a lot easier to see what worked & what didn’t work & follow the progress & development with Tobias




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One Response to This Is Us (our new & improved life)

  1. Laney says:

    I am so excited that Tobias will hopefully be beginning home lessons with you. I really think this will be a great thing for him, especially without the stigmas that could be placed on him with traditional schools. There’s no doubt in my mind that you have always and will always do everything you can for him. You’re an amazing mom, you should know that!

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