My Bestie!!!

This is my beautiful Bestie, Anja 

When everything began to fall apart in my life: my son wasn’t developing as he should, my fiancé drank way too much, was being abusive towards me with his behavior & language. When I finally took that step out the door & moved into an apartment for myself & my boy I needed my friends more than ever. My son was getting worse & I had stress & depression, lost my job etc. After struggling through a custody case which went on for like 3 years, I also lost my dignity & the respect I had for our system here in Denmark.

I lost my friends, the friends I thought were real & even the girl I was so close to & she had been there from the beginning of my son’s life, choose my ex over me. Then out of nowhere my Bestie Anja was going through a dark period in her life & God sent her my way & she moved in with Tobias & me!!! She is now living in her own apartment but gosh, she didn’t walk away, she stayed!!! She is the only person in my life who loves my son & me for just being us. She never judges my boy & the way she can take care of him, touches me deep within!!! Thank you Anja!!!

There’s “only” 2 persons who can “babysit”my son for me & that’s my mom & my Bestie. So when Anja says that she wants to “babysit” Tobias while I am attending this “priest convention” which ends at 8 pm on tuesday, really means the world to me. I got this small internship at the local church & am starting next week & am so excited because I know that I want to read & study theology when I have finished hometraining my son so getting this smal internship is a huge chance & feel so blessed!!!

Really just wanted to share this with y’all because friends are something that we can never take for granted!!!

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One Response to My Bestie!!!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful words Honey, really am thankful to have a place in your lives and in your hearts as well and it’s exciting to be a part of this whole trip with you and Tobias. Even tough it’s not always great news, but it’s still a journey that I would never miss for the world. Love you both very much.

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