Terrible Hospital Visit

Okay so today Tobias had to get his 2nd EEG scan but this time it was a “sleeping – EEG Scan” so when we arrived to the hospital Tobias got a “releaxing pill” = melatonin. When we got to the waiting area I asked a nurse immediately how long it would be before Tobias was all relaxed & ready to take a nap while getting the EEG scan but gosh the nurse was a total mess & she didn’t know anything. Tobias was as always getting very frustrated & furious & was screaming & kicking etc. So he got the pill & I put him in his stroller & took him for a walk outside the hospital, but there’s nothing you can do when Tobias reaches this level of hysteria so I quickly walked into the waiting room again & told the nurse that if it was possible I wanted to get started on the EEG as soon as possible & I knew that the doctor doing the EEG was available because I had talked to him before we went outside but half an hour went by & I was sitting with my little boy on my lap, he was screaming & kicking & trying to bite etc. he was so sad & unhappy about everything & also the pill was starting to work so of course he was tired!!! Finally we got into the examination room but OMG I have never experienced anything like this, the man (doctor) & the woman (nurse) messed around with all sorts of cables etc. used for the EEG scan (this went on for another half an hour) & then the doctor wanted to put the little “hat” with all the electrodes on Tobias’ head & boy was that man not very good at it & then on the other hand my boy was totally freakin’ out. So the nurse was just staring at me trying so hard to hold my boy’s head & at the same time struggling with holding his arms too, my boy is a strong boy so it was totally hard to do so & then the psychological part of it – if there’s something I truly hate it is holding my son so tight & firm, I feel like I am crossing a line I really shouldn’t cross. All in all was the whole experience terrible & Tobias never fell asleep so they only got the “awake” EEG scan & not the “sleeping” one. After an hour I told them to stop the scan because Tobias was not okay at all & neither was I. Got his clothes on & then the doctor looked at me: “I totally understand that you chose to stop because Tobias was definitely not calming down but you should just come some other day” – I looked him straight in the eyes & said: NO!!! I will definitely not put my son through anymore now!!! Unless there’s some genius ot there in the world who can justify these examinations because none of you can”.

Tobias calmed down immediately after we left the hospital & fell asleep in his stroller while I walked in the parking lot – I was trying so hard not to cry – but gosh I wanted too so bad. All the way home in the car, Tobias was sleeping like an angel & I was still struggling with the tears, one shouldn’t be driving when this emotional.

But thank God it’s over & I just need to pray to the Lord that someone out there can help my boy!!!

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