Hometraining, here we come

Finally! I got the approval for hometraining my son – have been fighting for this for over a year now so am so genuinely thankful for finally getting it my way – or should I say my son’s way because he really deserves this break, this chance for a much better life, a chance for developing & improving.

My boy is still without diagnosis & some part of me is really thankful that we have no diagnosis because that means that nothing is set yet & we have everything to fight for but with that being said a diagnosis could perhaps make it a little more easy, a little more understandable but no matter what the future brings, a diagnosis or not I will ALWAYS fight for my son & his life. NO diagnosis can get in my way of helping Tobias.

Tobias will have his last day at his kindergarten this Monday & my God, I have been looking forward to this day for so long not only because my son needs me so much but also because I have had so many problems with this special kindergarten that it breaks my heart to even think of all the things that have happened but that’s the past, this is now!

Now that I know we got this in the bag, I can really feel the nerves getting the best of me. Because really this hometraining is really going to prove if I did the right thing, if my intuition was spot on! I’m praying to God that I’m spot on!

Many ask me what’s wrong with Tobias or what’s he like etc – it’s a difficult question to answer & actually some part of me hate answering that question because then I have to say all the things that’s “wrong” with Tobias & really I know my son is way behind in development in all aspects but still I do NOT want to judge him, make negative statements etc. But what my son truly master is smiling & laughing. My goodness, Tobias has the greatest smile ever! Every part of me is melting when he smiles. But to answer the question about how’s Tobias & his condition the best & shortest way is to answer it with this: He’s like a baby in behavior/mentality (Tobias can walk, though) but the size of a “normal” 5 year old.

I can’t wait to start this journey with my son, we are going to have so much fun but it’s not fun all the way & I know I will cry many times because this hometraining require so much from me as well. Because I will not only be a mom, I will also be the educator/trainer of my son.

In Denmark we can only get paid to hometrain our sick children when they are under the school age so that gives me around a year to hometrain my son & if God allows it, it’s time enough to develop Tobias & make him better!

I am not going to write much more because am actually a little, no not a little, but VERY nervous for getting started on this new project. So will stop now & keep y’all updated from time to time!

God Bless

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One Response to Hometraining, here we come

  1. Laney says:

    I have total faith that what you are doing is right for Lil’ Man. A mother knows what is best for her child. Believe in yourself like you believe in your son, because you are amazing. You are both always in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I were closer to do more, but know that I am always with you in heart. I love you, honey! XXOO

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