My meeting with Leighanne – a dream came true!

How do I even try to explain this?

On May 12, a HUGE dream of mine came true! I met one of my greatest inspirations in life; Leighanne Littrell! I really don’t know how to even write this blog because it was a great experience & something that I will never forget!

Me with the beautiful Leighanne – I love this picture! 

Why? Because first of, I started buying a lot of Wylee ( & Leighanne is the creative designer behind this amazing line. I admit, I didn’t knew much about Leighanne before I started to be a loyal Wylee customer (of course, was following her on Twitter & did know who she was but yes didn’t know much lol), also was lucky to receive some tweets from her as well on Twitter. But after emailing with Leighanne a couple of times & getting to “know” her some more (of course it was Wylee related but to experience someone who cares this much about her business & really wanting to provide a GREAT service, it’s really rare).  I just “fell for her” – she is an amazing, kind-hearted, genuine person. She even hooked me up with a doctor to see if he could help me with my boy (& Dr. Greg has helped me A LOT) So will never forget that she actually made that happen for me as well!

 Anyways, as I stood in the platinum VIP line at the Venue for the NKOTBSB concert, Anja (my BFF) said: look there’s Dante (Brian & Leighannes’s security guy) & Leighanne. I saw them & got super nervous & could see that Leighanne was carrying two bags with Wylee (my pre-order) & I waved to her but before I knew it, Anja pushed me out of the line so I could go to Leighanne. She gave me a huge hug & said that she was so happy to meet me. I was totally out of my element, I felt, because finally I was meeting the person behind Wylee. But my God, Leighanne just talked like we had knows each other for years & I was so surprised because she is so totally down on earth, I mean yes did know she was not a snobbish person or anything, but still she was SOOOO sweet. Unfortunately Leighanne was not feeling well because she had the flu but we talked a little & I got my picture with her. She went off to talk with some other girls as well. I don’t wanna go into details about this whole “event” – no need for that. But need to say this; Leighanne was so sweet & she actually carried my two Wylee bags during the entire SC, so thoughtful of her!

Here’s Baylee (Leighanne & Brian’s son) holding my Wylee pre-order. Baylee was so cute!!!

Leighanne & I talked a couple of times during the SC – seriously almost rather wanted to just sit & talk to her the entire night instead of seeing the concert lol – just had so many things I wanted to tell her & to ask her but never got around too, unfortunately. Maybe I will meet her again someday, I really hope! Otherwise she could call me any day so we could talk lol

I need to say this; almost NO picture of Leighanne does her truly justice – She is even more beautiful in real life!


Why is Leighanne such a huge inspiration to me? Well first of, she is an extremely talented woman; she can act, she’s a amazing designer who really knows how to create unique products that are not only stylish but also super comfy – you really don’t see that very often. Normally a designer creates whatever they can, it doesn’t even has to look great or anything & almost their designs are NEVER comfortable to wear at all & it only fits super skinny girls. But Leighanne has with Wylee created a line that’s not only unique, fashionable but also Wylee has so many products that we all can wear, no matter body type! Not to talk about the Wylee bags, OMG they are the BEST!!! But Leighanne also sings like an angel, I seriously love her voice & I truly wish that she will sing more songs in the future! Leighanne takes her time to interact with people; she wants to help if she can! Even though she is “Hollywood” she for sure hasn’t forgotten where she’s from & she is totally down on earth like you & me!


I can never thank Leighanne enough for all the things she has done for me & maybe it sounds a little silly but some of the tweets I have gotten from her on Twitter has saved my days when it has been needed!

I made a gift for Leighanne, this patchwork on fabric – I thought it would look cute at her Wylee office 🙂

Leighanne posted this picture on Twitter of her with the gift I made her 🙂 So sweet of her & I really hope she will hang it up on the wall 🙂

After the concert, Anja & me went out to the Beat The Street busses to see if we could catch the boys before leaving but I just wanted to see Leighanne one more time because I needed her to sign one of the Wylee shirts I bought for my son. Leighanne came out & of course she signed the shirt & we talked some more, she asked about my son, how it was going with him & we talked a little about Dr. Greg etc. I was ready to just jump in the bus & go with her to Malmoe. As I wrote earlier, didn’t tell her all that I wanted to & still had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask her but of course she couldn’t take that long a time outside when they had to leave lol – so again, Leighanne if you ever read this, just Skype or call me lol. Thanks for everything & thanks for being YOU!!!

I don’t wanna go on & on about this because don’t really know how exactly to write my dream come true blog lol – but if you wanna spoil yourself (& you should) with some designer products that’s affordable, visit

My Wylee pre-order 🙂  

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4 Responses to My meeting with Leighanne – a dream came true!

  1. Audrey says:

    SWEET SWEET SWEET blog post !!!! I have to agree with what you say about Leighanne ! This woman is AMAZING !!!! I love her a LOT !!
    I am SO happy you finally met her, Maja! 🙂
    XOXO from another Wyleeholic 😉

  2. Sofia says:

    Amazing blog Maja,so happy for you. Leighanne is the sweetest person your ever going to meet and I’m so glad you were able to meet her. Great pic and I’m glad you had so much fun. You wrote your dream come true blog beautifully!

  3. Isla says:

    Great blog Maja – so happy for you that you finally got to meet Leighanne 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around, I didn’t realize you finally got to meet Leighanne. I have to agree with you 500% that Leighanne is one of the most sweetest, adorable, beautiful women ever! When I met her last year I was stunned at how beautiful she truly is, her inner beauty shows through instantaneously as well! She mentioned that some people make nasty comments about her, and I just don’t understand why people are so cruel. When I met her, that night I missed the concert b/c I had such a horrendous migraine that I had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. It was a horrible weekend, but every time I thought about the fact that I got to meet Leighanne and not just shake her hand, but just talk with her like she was a friend I had had for years, it somehow made me feel better. The fact that she is married to the man who is has been my hero since I was like 13 made my meeting that much sweeter. Something about the positive energy just being in the air!

    And Baylee, omg he is such an adorable and funny little guy. It is nice to be in the company of inspirational, warm hearted, compassionate people. I think that is just the best part of meeting someone that means a lot to you.

    I am so happy that you got to meet her in person! What a wonderful experience for you to have had! 🙂 She is such a special person, and her wylee stuff is so absolutely cool. I love it too 🙂

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