We are ALL equal in the eyes of God!

So bullying is something everybody is talking about, people are trying so hard to change it & stop all this bullying – I dream of a world without bullying but is it even possible?


I see so many people writing, commenting on all the bullying of homosexuals around the world!

I find it incredible sad that people are judging & bullying people just for being homosexuals but the truth be told, every person who’s different than the crowd is in the risk zone of being bullied; homosexuals, people from other cultures, poor people, handicapped people & I could go on! Okay so maybe handicapped people are not in the high end of the people committing suicide, maybe because they are not even capable of doing so but it’s still so very wrong to bully them! My point is that we really need to wake up & make room for all individuals no matter what they look like, believe in etc.


I’m a single mother to a handicapped boy without a diagnosis. He’s 5,5 years old. My son doesn’t wanna walk around on his own when we are outside so he’s in a stroller & since my boy is the “normal” size of a 5,5 year old it can look kind of strange to have him in a stroller still but it’s working for us but believe me some of the looks I can meet when we go out, or when my boy screams hysterical because he’s frustrated, scared, angry etc (he has no language) & people can stare like; omg see that spoiled brad, why doesn’t the mother raise him & blah blah blah – I don’t care when people gives us the looks because I know my son can’t help his behavior at times but sometimes I wanna yell at those people looking at us like that & tell them that they should not judge, they should take off their blindfolds & realize that there are other people in the world other than themselves! I’m sick & tired of people judging others without even knowing them.

We need to respect, accept others no matter what! Get to know people different than ourselves but are people afraid of getting in the risk of learning something from a different individual than themselves?

I truly believe that we should get to know people different from ourselves& it really doesn’t matter what the difference is but just try talking to someone else or at least try to put ourselves in their shoes.

I think that we could get a long way with stopping the bullying if we start with us “parents” – we are the ones raising our kids & we need to take responsibility for our kids & their beliefs, their way of seeing the world! Stop wrapping your kids in & only show them the good things in life! Teach your kid about individuals! I bought some years ago a book for children, a book where we meet 6 different kinds of families;

1: a boy that lives alone with his dad because his mom passed away.

2: a girl that lives with her Danish mom & dad (she’s adopted from China).

3: a girl that lives alone with her mom, she doesn’t have a dad in her life because her mom got an insemination & got pregnant.

4: a boy & a girl living with their mom & a stepdad.

5: twin boys living with their parents.

6: a girl living with her lesbian parents.

I know there a so many varieties on family lives out there around the world but this book gives a good view on other ways of living in a family. I bought it because I wanted to teach my son about good values, other people etc – little did I know that my son would develop the way he has so far. But come on, we parents needs to wake up first & spread the word to our kids, it’s NOT okay to bully others no matter what!

I use Twitter a lot & omg people can be so rude towards each other, selfish, mean, cruel etc. We hear about young people killing themselves because they got bullied on Twitter – gosh, it makes me so sad that this is going on!

Well I think I could go on & on about this but I just really wanted to state that I do believe that if every parent really worked their best on teaching their kids about nationalities, sexuality, religions, cultures, handicapped etc that we could get a long way! Children are incredible like that & they are not born evil in any way so we need to put even more positivity in them, teach them good values, teach them that somewhere in the world there are people suffering – of course am not saying we should in any way show our kids documentaries about war or anything like that but we just need to open their minds, hearts & souls!


Many celebrities are making awareness about bullying & I love that they are trying to reach out because they are in the public eye but again we can all do a difference! We need to do a difference NOW! Don’t wait until tomorrow.

For example, where we live there is this elderly man who walks with a walker, he doesn’t talk but he can say different sounds but he can actually say; have a good day & hey. I’ve noticed for a long time people are avoiding him, looking weird at him but every time I see him, I always say hi & he returns it & smiles. & that makes me smile! He’s actually super cute!


Well that’s all, folk but please just make room for others. & believe me, you will actually enrich your life if you try & reach out for those that others might be avoiding to reach out to. It will make you feel better to be nice to all the people you can! Smiles are so contagious so smile smile smile

If you are scared of people being different than yourself then admit it, talk to someone about it. When I was a kid I was scared of handicapped people because I really didn’t know how to handle them or how to greet them. My parents never talked to me about the difference in people. But when I was going through high school,  I got a boyfriend who was originally from Zimbabwe & believe me my parents were so angry with me because they were afraid that he was a bad person, had bad values etc. The relationship didn’t work but not because of him, he was very sweet & could be quite the gentleman. I loved hearing his stories about his childhood in Zimbabwe & my God, he could cook! But anyways, I hope you get my point & I hope I didn’t step on anybody’s toes.

God bless

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