To cruise or not to cruise?


Okay so the Backstreet Boys announced yesterday at GMA that they are having the next cruise on Oct 25-28, 2013. I want to go so bad & have talked it over with my Bestie & we both truly want to join this cruise – we have missed out on the other two cruises the boys had so really don’t want to miss out again.


It’s not a secret that I am much more a Littrell gal than a total BSB gal LOL but gosh what to do. I admit that if Leighanne & Brian announced that they would have a Littrell’s event next year in GA then I would save for that instead! It has been a huge dream of mine to attend a Littrell’s event & it has been a even greater dream to just visit the US in general so if they threw an event I could see so many things in Atlanta & meet my greatest inspirations in life as well LOL but about this cruise, it’s really not the cruise in itself that’s expensive but the plane tickets from Denmark to the US – they are super expensive & they have to be paid right away at once – wish they made a PAYG (Pay As You Go-Plan) like Wylee ( offers lol then it would not be so dramatic with paying those haha but I think I will suck it up & go on that cruise, it would be loads of fun, meeting so many amazing people that I’ve talked to on Twitter & also I truly need an adventure just for me!

Then again, I feel kind of selfish for wanting to spend so much money on just me & not my son – is that even fair? & is it even fair that I want to have this kind of an adventure & just leave him at home with my parents? I know that there’s no way I can bring him & would NEVER EVER bring him on a cruise filled with loads of girls who can act pretty crazy LOL (sorry not judging, maybe a little but you know LOL)


I guess I just always have to justify stuff no matter what & I really should just make up my mind & go on this cruise. I know for a fact that it would be an unforgettable cruise & I would have tons of fun etc.

If I decide to go, I really hope Leighanne will throw a Wylee Party before the cruise haha then it would be even more awesome!

I am super scared of flying so that would be a huge deal for me as well – but hey then I’m in Miami hehe

But I have said to myself so many times that there may be stuff I’m super afraid of but if I don’t let myself experience other things in life than just being at home with my son then I am not truly living my life – not meant in the way that I don’t love my life, my son etc but sometimes we need something new in our lives to stay inspired, stay strong & new energy to keep us focused on the battles we have in life – in my situation it’s the battle for my son & getting him well etc.

Luckily I have until Oct 3rd to make up my mind regarding the cruise – just have to figure out how much it would be in total & then also make up my mind about that I should go. My mom already said that she can babysit Tobias but a whole week?


Oh btw is it okay to either be total drunk when flying or could I just take a sleeping pill & wake up when we land in Miami? LOL just kidding (kinda) but yes I do not it’s not allowed to be total drunk on a plane but seriously if you have had a serious flight fright please share with me what you did to get over that?


If I go on this cruise, I am mostly going to get the adventure with my Bestie, to see Leighanne & Brian (hopefully a Wylee party as well) meeting all the amazing people I’ve met thanks to Brian & Leighanne.

Do you think Leighanne would buy me a drink, if I go? LOL

Sorry for this boring blog but just needed to get some stuff out in the open, then I can better deal with it LOL


Stay tuned to hear what I decide LOL


God Bless



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2 Responses to To cruise or not to cruise?

  1. Aylo says:

    Hey maja. I hope u’re great.
    Ive been reading your blog.. and u touched me in so many ways.
    You’re a strong mother. Dont lose hope. U have an amazing miracle and that miracle is your son. I hope the best for you both.

  2. Hi Maja! Im CrazyLittrell on twitter 🙂
    wow I hope u can go to the cruise… Its an amazing experience… and I f u can (if u have money) dont think it more, and go to the cruise. You are an amazing mother and Tobias loves u… you need time for you, only for you, and that’s not selfish. Its only a week and give you a lot of life. You be happier and everyone will thank you, and will make you stronger to live each day.
    im sorry I dont know to express myself well in english, but hope u can understand me!!! and you know, my english isn’t good 😦

    A lot of kisses from Spain, to you and to your son 🙂


    PS: u have to go to the cruise, I want so many pic of Brian 🙂

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