My Wylee Party

September 15Th. I hosted my very first Wylee party  😉

(Wylee by Leighanne Littrell

I was really excited about it because I know how much I love Wylee & really wanted it to be a success. Not many could attend the Wylee Party; my BFF & her mom, sister & her grandma attended but already got an order from Javnita & Renate because I told people from Europe that they could order through me & then I could ship it to them because thought that would be a great way to get them to save on shipping as well. My mom also made an order: she was babysitting my boy that day.

But gosh, my BFF’s mom really surprised me because really didn’t think she wanted to buy anything but she ended up buying two dresses (the Cho dress & the Black Maja La Playa Dress) she actually wanted to order some more but some other time.

When I first showed the Cho dress to Marianne (my BFF’s mom) she was not to pleased about it & didn’t think it would look good on her but she fell in love immediately when she saw herself in it. My BFF’s grandma also ordered the Carina scarf & the Black/Silver Skulls cuff (to her grandchild for her BDay). They really loved the stuff but they were so surprised when they entered my walk in Wylee Heaven closet & they kept asking if Leighanne had let me borrow the stuff etc they were stunned to know that it was all my stuff hehehe so that was pretty funny.

It was so much fun hosting a Wylee Party, not only because it’s a great way to spend some girly time together but I love Wylee so much & really want other people to be aware of this amazing & unique line. I will definitely host more Wylee parties in the future & hopefully they amount of guests will increase in time, am sure of it.

This is the stuff that the ladies ordered:


Jack Wiley Hold It

Lone (my mom):

Maja La Playa Dress

Grey Wristlet

Baby Doll (bronze)


New Ellen Tote

Baylee Blue Mini Back Pack

Danny CC Purse (Style C)


Maja La Playa Dress (Black)

Cho Dress


Black/Silver Skulls Cuff

Carina Scarf

Maja (myself LOL)

Baylee Blue Mini Back Pack (BDay gift for my niece)

New York Back Pack (Reversible)

Kids Camo T (Teal) (Christmas gift for my nephew)

Terry Shorts

Baby Doll Chains

Mandy Tippet (gift for ? LOL)

Anja Beach Bag (Gift for Anja’s mom)

I gave each guests a Wylee string bag with a Wylee Catalog inside & a Wylee business card 🙂

All the stuff is now ordered & paid for so they will soon arrive, can’t wait to give people their Wylee stuff & even more excited to see more people wearing their Wylee dresses!

It took me a long time to convince my mom that she should order a Wylee dress. My mom is not a fan of wearing dresses, she is more into wearing skirts & a blouse but she looks so great in the Maja La Playa dress & what she loves about this dress is that she can wear leggings or stockings underneath & also throw on a cardigan or something. My mom loves that all the Wylee dresses are so comfy to wear & she wants a Faux Wrap soon as well, so proud o my mom hehehe 😉

God Bless


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