No BSB cruise :(

OMG was I shocked at the pharmacy earlier today? Oh yes indeed I was!

Went to pick up Tobias’ ”new” medication (it’s actually the same as before but just another brand since the other pharmaceutical company stopped producing Rescuvolin) BUT the new brand is soooo expensive, it cost double the amount as the old one. It cost me $260 each month!!!

I can’t believe that something similar to the old one can be that expensive. But it is what it is, I guess. Unfortunately it means NO BSB cruise for me next year. I’m totally sad that I’m not going (also have paid the $300 in deposit to Rosetours that’s now lost forever) but really it was a dream come true being able to go on that cruise and really looked forward to it in so many ways especially to get some fresh air away from all the struggles at home. But with the medication that’s just not possible unless we stop “living” and that’s no option and I promised myself that I would only go on the cruise if I could afford it without having to make to big chances in our lives, I need to be able to still buy stuff for Tobias and I whenever we want or need it and also I’m a person who cares a lot about other people and loves to spoil the people I love and now that Christmas is approaching it’s more important for me to remember the people I care about etc.

I was aware that I of course couldn’t just shop crazy while saving for the cruise but with that expensive medicine, it just takes all the savings I had planned really. There’s no way I can save for the next payment at Rosetours plus plane tickets in February/March as well.

I truly hope that the people I had looked so much forward to meet on the cruise, I will meet at some other event some day. I’m sad that it’s not going to be happening as I hoped.

Someday I will visit the US! And maybe and hopefully it will then be at a Littrell’s event, here’s to hoping.

But to all of you going on the cruise, I hope you have tons of fun for me as well. Well didn’t have anything else to blog about today, just wanted to share my shattered dream (BUT am thankful it’s “only” kind of a material shattered dream, as long as my son is living everything will be fine)

 God Bless

 XOXO Maja

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