2012 almost got me down BUT….

foto2012 has been a year filled with worries, battles, hospital visits all around our little country, Denmark. It’s been a year where I’ve had contact with several doctors abroad, praying they could help my little boy but unfortunately none was able to help.

I think 2012 almost has been the year where I’ve cried the most. It has been a year where I fought to get approval for having my sick son at home and not in some “special” kindergarten that didn’t even know how to treat or help my little boy. I even had to arrange three meetings with our mayor to finally get the right to take care of my own son!
BUT 2012 has also been the year where Tobias really proved doctors wrong! I’ve been told he was going to die, he was deeply brain damaged, soon he would only be able to lie in his bed, staring in the wall.
2012 sure has taken its torn on me and I was really close to the edge, not as I wanted to end my life! But was on the verge to break completely down and give up on everything but thank God, I’m blessed with a BFF and a family that has pulled me through the darkest times of this year! I don’t want to write a long story about how sad and troubling this year has been because in reality, I just want to live right now, in the present, enjoying being the mother of my amazing and strong little fighter.
Surely, I do have hopes for 2013 and I do wish that it will be the year where Tobias either gets well or at least I find the right tool to make his life easier. One thing is for sure, I will NEVER EVER give up on him in any way. All the doctors can say whatever they want, diagnose Tobias however they want, I will still keep fighting no matter what! God has a plan with my boy, that’s for sure.
As this year ends, I’m allowing myself to feel damn proud for still standing and for being who I am, always fighting for what I believe in, using my own gut and Faith to keep going!
I’m extremely proud to be the mother of Tobias.
He is my great love!
Nothing will ever change that!
God Bless

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One Response to 2012 almost got me down BUT….

  1. Audrey says:

    As a mommy, you are the one who know what is the bestest for your son – for sure !! Doctors know a lot but, they do not know everything! And they can not feel what a mother feels about her child !!
    You’ve been blessed with a beautiful son and he is blessed to have you as a mom!
    I hope 2013 will be an easiest year for you both and, I sincerely hope the new year will brings you answers and help !!
    God bless !!

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