Along came David…. #DavidGandy

(Photo by Mariano Vivanco, an unused photo from the book

“David Gandy by Dolce Gabbana”)

foto (5)

– I admit that when I first saw a picture of David James Gandy, I found him incredible hot and that was it! He is still super hot and even more now!

It is no secret, that I have never given the fashion world or the models in it, the time or the day.

I have never felt inspired by it. Of course, I do love accessories, bags and clothing and do care about my appearance but never liked the fact that female models had to look that skinny and a plus size model in their eyes (the fashion world) was really just normal in others/ours. A woman with breasts and hips is not overweight in my eyes. I know that the modelling/fashion world is changing all the time and I truly hope that one day we see “plus size” female models on the covers as well. We all deserve to look amazing and to be able to buy that designer dress if we want to.

It never made any sense to me and it definitely didn’t appeal to me in any way at all. I actually thought that it was a very negative and bad signal to send to young girls and many suffers from eating diseases because they want to look like the people in the magazines. And of course we all heard some of the model scandals that have happened over the years. Let’s just take Naomi Campbell for instance, who is notorious for her ridiculous and scandalous ways. But okay, this blog is not about the models and their scandals but it is about David James Gandy; who is a male model, actually he is the best model (number one!) and gosh he for sure changed something inside of me.

I admit, I am still not keened on the modelling/fashion world like that at all but he has shown me that you can look pretty perfect (he might not agree) and still do a lot of great things for others, use your status for charity and really have balls for going your own way and trusting your own instincts, which I really admire him for!

foto (2)(Lucky Brand, Campaign 2012)

David James Gandy grew up in Essex, London, UK. In 2001, his friend entered him into a modeling competition on ITV’s  “This Morning” and David won! He wasn’t like all the other skinny guys, he was more muscular. Even when David was told that he should lose weight, he went his own way and started exercising more and build his muscles (I think we are a lot that are grateful for that).

It is easier if you just google David, if you want to know more about him and his career. I am not writing his biography or anything here but just wanted to share that sometimes we “meet” certain people who changes our points of view or at least gives us reason to think twice before judging.

In March 2012, David became the first ambassador at the Battersea Dogs and Cats home, learn more about BDCH here:

foto (3)foto (4)(David with Cocobean at Battersea Dogs and Cats home)

Follow BDCH on Twitter:

And ‘like’ on Facebook:

David is a fantastic ambassador and he really creates a lot of awareness about the home and how you can help to make a difference. What I like about him being an ambassador of BDCH is that you can really tell that he is passionate about it and he wants to make a difference. Sometimes I think some people forget what they are doing and forget to make the awareness after some time.

In general, David is very active on Twitter and Facebook, where he shares a lot of amazing (no surprise) pictures, updates and so on.

 Follow David on Twitter here:

and ‘like’ him on Facebook here:

Also he started the Blue Steel Appeal which he established in 2013 to benefit  Red Nose Day (A project of Comic Relief) Read more here:


Follow Blue Steel Appeal on Twitter:

David made a huge fashion auction in earlier this month with his Blue Steel Appeal and my goodness, you could bid on the most awesome things and experiences. Read David’s blog about the fashion auction here:

I just wanted to share with you this amazingly handsome man and the fact that he is not just another pretty face or sexy hot body, no he is really a warm and kind-hearted man who cares about animals and the world. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him! I love that he changed the male fashion world in so many ways and I think he has a lot to accomplish still but for now, he for sure has done a lot of beautiful things.

I love that David is very down to earth and he says:

“Just don’t believe your own hype.”

To be honest, it could be so very easy for him to be all full of himself with all those compliments, he gets on his looks from all his fans but no, not David. *R.E.S.P.E.C.T*

To be honest, after ‘meeting’ David, it opened my eyes on who I am a ‘fan’ of, who my inspirations in life are and what these famous people are doing and how they are famous, I mean, how they uses their statuses. I have changed my opinion and I have changed who I look up to. I never felt like famous people are any different that you and I, they have jobs and their jobs are in the public eye all the time but still it’s just jobs. But them being in the public gives us the opportunity to see them and to have them as inspirations even though the world is filled with great personalities and so on. Remember don’t just be a fan of someone famous, be a fan of anyone who tries to make a difference!

I have always disliked “divas” in general but now I am even more aware of how they use their status and name.

Come on, so many could learn from David, not only famous people but also you and I. Being humble is valuable. Doing charity doesn’t have to be expensive and most places, we can make small donations and creating awareness is a great way of helping out as well.

Way too many famous people seems like they have enough in themselves, they know they look good and like to make sure that we all notice it too or just want us all to tell them how beautiful they are and so on but nope, you can look as perfect as you want to but if your inside is ‘ugly’ and selfish then your looks fades as well. Just saying! David was hot in my eyes before but now after knowing a little more about him, he is even hotter!

Really, I just wanted to blog about this and hopefully you can use it for something. Or at least just enjoy some of the pictures of David.

I know there is not any news or a lot of information about David here and you can find thousands of people knowing even more about him than me but just wanted to share my thoughts and did not want to write a blog about my son this time, really. Needed to share something inspirational and maybe you will find David just as inspirational as I do.

(Photo: NYC collection by Massimo Dutti – photograph: Hunter and Gatti)foto (1)

As mentioned above; I do not know that much about David but this is most definitely my favorite quote from him:

“There’s no such thing as luck, just a well-prepared person waiting for an opportunity”

foto(Photo: Lucky Brand Campaign, Winter 2012)

X Maja, who really wants to meet David some day even though I am very well aware that I would not be able to say one word to him, sorry but he makes me total teeny!

Take Care

By the way, David also made two different apps for iPhone and iPad.

The first app is “David Gandy Fitness And Training” and you can buy it on iTunes/Apple.

This app works for both men and women and I have downloaded it and it makes it very easy for you to train because David shows you how each exercise is to be performed. The app is filled with advice on how to get in shape, you can design/customize your very own exercise program and so on. If you are like me (single mom, home treating training my son) and don’t have the opportunity for going to the gym, this app is perfect as well, you can use it at home and many of the exercises really doesn’t require that much equipment. Try it!

The second app is “David Gandy Style Guide for men” and you can buy it on iTunes/Apple as well. I found this qoute on the internet the other day and don’t know who said it but I love it and think men should listen to it as well:

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”

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  1. Natalie Cote says:

    you have given me another blog to follow. awesome job

  2. Karen says:

    Great Blog…David is truly a beautiful person!

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