A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

I just felt like writing a little blog before going to bed, not sure I have anything  special to share but am just going to write and let’s see where this is going.

Each day, I try to find something in my everyday life that inspires me, it can be my son, family, friends, music, David Gandy *sighs* don’t he just inspire any woman to want to chase him down and marry him? Sorry that was unnecessary, really but still it’s the truth, he’s really hot and come on people, he’s even into charity (he established his own charity called Blue Steel Appeal) and he always seems very humble and down to earth during interviews, what a mighty good man… But back to the original subject here, so every day, I try to find inspiration and today it was my son, to be honest, he’s the one that inspires me most days, just for being him. But today, he just stood right in front of me (I was sitting on the floor) and he looked me right in the eyes and looked quite serious and all of the sudden, he just smiled a huge smile. That smile made me want to smile to anyone I met on my way to the grocery store, inside the store and on the way home. They all smiled back, even though it has been a grey and very cold day today. Often, some people get affected by that (including me at times) and they might seem like they are angry, not interested and so on. Always smile (note to myself as well), you might be surprised.

This year is still very young and yet it has really changed a lot inside of me in so many ways.

I had an ‘old’ Twitter account but finally decided to delete it because there was way too much drama going on and some of the people who followed me and I followed was just too much. I finally admitted to myself, I CANNOT handle anymore stress or drama in my life. I need to be selfish and think about myself and what I want to do and what I need in my life, stop being such a people pleaser! Some might think “how lame to delete it and did that really help?” Oh yes, indeed it helped. I have been a BSB (Backstreet Boys) fan when I was a teenager, took a break, then returned being a fan but it really didn’t last that long to be honest (but if they come to Denmark again, I will of course go (I think). It’s not like I don’t like them anymore, I’m just liking them in the silent way now). My goodness, their fandom is filled with drama and again, I’ve reached a point in my life where I need more than that (sorry not to be rude towards BSB or their fans at all! Just meaning that I need something else because I’m in a different place in my life) And now it’s people trying to make a difference in the world by spreading awareness and also authors, mean a lot to me these days, maybe because I’m writing my own manuscript (almost done). Don’t misunderstand me but sometimes enough is enough and we grow away from some things. It doesn’t mean I’m a hater or something like that. I’m just me, needing something else in my life.  Now I have a new Twitter account and started following people who want to make a change. I think what happened in the other fandom was that some fans really sucked up to the guys in a way that I would never do and never fully understood why. Maybe I’m just too old to be a fan like that. Ha! You might read this and be older than me and still get all teeny and stuff or maybe it’s just because I don’t see famous people any different than you and I. BUT, I admit, David could make me all blushed and if I met him I wouldn’t know what to do or say. And yes he’s very famous too but really it’s not the reason why I would react that way, just google him and you will know why. If I met someone looking remotely like David (not ever happening, unless I meet David in real life, how lucky would I be?) I wouldn’t know what to do either! Celebrities have jobs just like the rest of us, the only difference is that we see them in the media all the time. Some celebrities use their status in a good way and some not. Okay the last part makes no sense, sorry. I’m kind of tired today. Hopefully, you get what I mean?!

But to another subject, thanks to David Gandy (did I really mention him again?), I heard about this amazing home in London “Battersea Dogs And Cats home” and they do amazing stuff! I know the world is filled with beautiful homes like this one but in Denmark (where I live) we don’t have the same, some would argue with me but come on, what kind of animal welfare do we really have in Denmark? I’m pissed to be honest. We have way too many dog cases, where dogs are being killed for NO reason other than just for being a dog. Dogs have certain behavior and they all react differently. But in Denmark, we apparently hate the so-called ‘muscle-dogs’ and they must all die, in fact our Government banned several dog breeds (let me just say it like this, there aren’t small dogs on that list. Apparently bigger dogs are mean and small dogs are only good dogs)! I hate it and the people thinking negative things about these adorable dogs should be ashamed! I had a beautiful staffie myself some years ago and she was the cutest and most lazy thing ever! Okay see, now I drift onto another lane again. Back to Battersea, they seriously have the cutest animals ever and one fine day, I will travel to London and visit the home!  I love that they have so many cute staffies and they post gorgeous pictures and all the animals looks happy and well taken care of, you can easily feel the love and passion that this home is filled with! Kudos to Battersea and their entire team! http://www.battersea.org.uk/

My mom picked up Tobias today and on our way out to my mom’s car, a neighbor stopped and gave us a huge smile and said: “I’m amazed by you and your son. Every day I see you taking him out on a walk and you never seem to run out of energy no matter what. It must be terrible not knowing what’s wrong with him but you really show what a true mom is.” Can I just say that I almost cried! So many beautiful words from an elderly lady, who we rarely talk to. You see, she totally made my day even more. She took the time and made the effort to tell me something positive and sometimes it’s “strangers” telling us something, giving a compliment that means so much and makes us go that extra mile.

On April 10th, I’m going to Copenhagen with my Bestie and we are spending the night at a hotel, my parents are babysitting Tobias. I’m so excited for our little getaway. We are going to see “Shrek, the musical”. We are going to have so much fun and to be honest, it’s really needed with some new energy and to spend some time alone with my Bestie. I have my son (almost) 24/7 so a break is needed every now and then. But if it wasn’t for my parent’s, I wouldn’t be able to go out ever. I’m really thankful for them in any way I can be. I mean, it’s not their fault that my son’s father is a complete moron (yeah, I did write that. And it’s the truth, he’s a selfish idiot. I’m totally allowed to write it here because my son can’t read, HA! No really, I should behave but sometimes we need to vent, right) But to be honest, I’m grateful that I get to spend this much time with my son and I don’t have to share him too much. He’s my everything and even though he can’t say mommy, I know he loves me and he needs me just as much as I need him.

Okay this blog is the messiest one, I’ve ever written, so sorry for that. Just felt like writing a little but will stop for now.

Take care!


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