Tobias, you ROCK!!!

My precious son is napping on the couch right now, while I am sitting here trying to blog about a walk to remember!

I am so happy and extremely thankful right now!

I took Tobias grocery shopping and he was in his stroller and while being inside the supermarket, he made all kinds of happy sounds and was smiling all over! Normally, Tobias gets easily frustrated when being out shopping and I have to stress around the entire store in fast speed to get done but not today. It felt amazing and looking at the other regular customers and seeing how they noticed the change in him, made me smile even more widely, if possible.

When we got outside again, I asked Tobias, if he wanted to walk home (we don’t live that far from the grocery store). It truly sounded like Tobias said yes, I took him out of the stroller and he just stood there on the concrete, all smiling and still saying these amazing happy sounds. I took his hand and we started walking. We have tried this several times before but each time, Tobias was all screams and frustration but NOT this time. He held on to my hand with a firm grip and walked right beside me and looked so proud! I really had to suppress my tears because I was that filled with pride and joy!

The entire walk home was like this and we met several neighbors who complimented Tobias and told him what a fighter he is, and he stood still and just charmed them with a wry smile.

We even walked over the lawn at the playground and again, Tobias was calm and it was obvious that he was truly enjoying the walk, the sun shining and the birds chirping. I saw a look in his eyes, which I haven’t seen in years. Welcome back, my boy!!!

We have come so far (I know we have a long road ahead of us) but all of that doesn’t matter when something like this happens.

I am just so proud to be a mommy to a strong-minded boy, who keeps reminding me that there is always a way and that life is just a beautiful gift!


Tobias, thank you for showing me the true definition of joy and for never taking anything for granted! I love you, babyboy!


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2 Responses to Tobias, you ROCK!!!

  1. Wonderful! So brilliant to see Tobias so active, glad to hear you had a wonderful day together!

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