The world of the imagination…

Erotica; passionate, sensual love stories that sets your imagination on fire or just downright porn for those who have no imagination?

I am not ashamed to admit it; I love reading erotica and to be even more honest, it is my favorite genre to read!

Why, you may ask?

Of course, I started out as so many others, by reading The Fifty Shades Trilogy and my goodness, how I loved them, still do!

I had never before read any erotic stories.

I loved reading when I was younger but somehow, I got away from the whole reading world but Fifty brought me back (Thank you E.L James) and after reading those, I dared to dig even further and read more ‘hardcore’ erotica.

With ‘hardcore’ erotica, I mean, stories where there are more explicit words. I do not want to go into details since this is my private blog and I do not want to ‘insult’ anyone and since erotica is still something that so many see very differently upon, I will not go into more details about that one. I am sure you know what I mean 😉

Currently, I am a short story addict. A short story is a nice little break from my everyday life. I have nothing but respect and admiration for writers of short stories. I think, it must be pretty difficult to develop a character that the reader can identity with and in general just write a story that is easy to read and still it has to catch the reader’s attention.

Short stories are just perfect for that little break you might need and they will definitely leave you with a huge smile that lingers for the rest of the day. Whether it was a fantastic erotic story that made you all heated or it was a story that was so poorly written that the smile you have, is because you were just amused (sorry, but there are some stories out there that sounds more like the writer just had a naughty fantasy and did not care to put any ‘love’ into her/his story).

Most of the erotic stories, I have read so far, are passionate love stories but I have also read some short stories where it had nothing to do with love per say, but it does not mean that they were filthy porn stories either. I find it, that in most erotic stories, there is always an underlined point and you should look for that! They are really useful and they make you think about yourself and your own life.

I have heard some people saying that they do not like the erotica genre because they only want to read quality books by talented writers/authors that can do more than write about the sexual act. Come on, you could not be more wrong. Erotica is not only about sex or how to get there. It is something so pure, passionate and it does take talent to write in that genre! Every writer deserves credit and acknowledgement.

For instances, I love Cameron Lincoln. He is such a gentleman who truly knows how to write erotica without it being perverted. I have not yet read all his work but I will get there.

I simply love his short story “Maria Unchained” – This honest and hot story is about a single mother who has totally forgotten about herself and her own needs, but when she gets the opportunity to fulfill a steamy fantasy of hers, she takes the chance. This is not a love story because it is all about Maria and her desires. But yet, this story is not porn but a sensual story that takes the reader on a hot adventure. The point is, that you should always dare to fulfill your own dreams and desires. (You should really read it). This story will leave you thinking: If I got the same opportunity as Maria, what would I do? So you just have to read Maria Unchained, I promise it is worth the time!

Cameron says this about himself (This quotation is from his very own website):

I’m a gentleman writer of high quality erotic fiction featuring a variety of scenarios and fetishes, catering to both male and female tastes. If you like well-written, thought provoking filth, any one of my stories are for you.

TRUE! Cameron is really versatile. To be honest, normally, I do not like when a writer/author is too varied because often they cannot carry it through but Cameron knows how to do this and he really is talented!

Check out his website:

Follow Cameron on Twitter:

Like him on Facebook: And Cameron is using other social networks as well. (Visit his website to know where to find him.)

Yesterday, I had a talk with my mom and my older sister about the whole erotica genre.

My mom loved Fifty Shades but she did not like The Crossfire Series. She barely got through the first one actually but oh well, it is her loss LOL – My mom felt like the language was too vulgar and therefore she it was not a book for her.

My sister then asked me: But Maja, your manuscript “Eye Telling” where would you put that, is it more in the language area as Fifty or Crossfire? Hmm, that got me thinking because I admit, there are a heck of a lot of sex in my manuscript but is the language explicit? Maybe it is at some points but then again, I am who I am! I have always been known for saying things the way they are but I do not think at any point, it gets vulgar during the chapters but let us see what they say about it 🙂

I think (almost) any woman loves reading erotica but it is not everyone who likes some of the words you can come across and I think that is where it separates the readers.

I have no problem with a book/story where there are used more naughty words and words that some would call ‘cursing’ or too describing but on the other hand, I do find the more artistic erotica extremely hot as well.

When explicit words are used, it can be quite difficult to imagine your own version of the characters where when reading more soft erotica, your imagination is more free for you to use, just my opinion.

So, then I found Voice of Erotica (on Twitter: and that is definitely beautifully written erotica where there is a huge effort in using describing words that gives you another kind of vivid story.

You should visit the website: because there are great blogs, tips and so on. And I know that there will be added more amazing stuff at that site!

Oh, I did forget to mention: The Voice (on Twitter:

Amanda Carrington (Voice Of Erotica) knows how to write beautiful stories with stimulating words, words that makes your own imagination run wild.

Amanda has a flair for words and I am impressed every time, she post a new little scribble, this woman has a rare talent, she can play with words so they speak directly to your femininity.

Voice of Erotica is all about classy and passionate erotica. You will find no vulgarity! That is a promise!

But anyways, The Voice, he reads out loud for your pleasure the delicious story      “Virtual Love Affair” by Amanda Carrington. You should really take a listen, I promise, that voice you will never forget and you want to listen to it over and over again. Okay, if you do not love the sound a sexy British accent, a deep masculine voice with such talent to make love to each word that comes out of his mouth, then you will not like The Voice!

I have no doubt that this brilliant team at VOE has so much more in store for us all. If you are a woman, wanting to feel even more fabulous and sexy, you should definitely join VOE!

Like on Facebook:


VOE also use several social networks, visit the website to find out more about VOE and where to find them 🙂

 If I have to say anything ‘negative’ about the whole erotica genre and all the amazing, passionate authors/writers it is this: they truly made me realize that I have never lived out my own fantasies and I now discovered things, I really want to experience! I want to find my inner goddess. Remember, you do not have to have random sex just to find that. It is all about how you carry yourself, how you think and so on! And that is what I love the most about reading erotica, it makes me rethink my own situation! I will never become a woman, going out every weekend, having sex with strangers but I have rediscovered something inside of myself. I feel in love but have no significant partner, see that is brilliant 🙂

I guess, we never get too old to learn new things about ourselves. There is always room for more fantasies!

Since I am currently editing on my very own manuscript, I do not have as much time as I would wish, to read and explore more brilliant authors/writers and their steamy hot stories.

Be good to yourself and read some erotica!

Now I have to go. I hope you can use this blog for anything and if not, oh well then at least I just got my word out there 😉

I will continue my editing of my own writing 🙂

Take care.

XX Maja



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6 Responses to The world of the imagination…

  1. Reblogged this on Cameron Lincoln's Erotica and commented:
    A heartfelt and humble thank you to Maja for including me in this piece. She is a wonderful writer herself, and a genuine inspiration. It is my honour to know her.

    • majasf says:

      Thank you so much for the reblog! That means so much to me 🙂
      Cameron, you really are the best! I love the support you always give me, I am very thankful!!! You inspire me as you know in your writing and for being such a happy spirit!

  2. I adore Cameron also… so I understand how you fell in love with his writing. Happy erotica reading to you my dear!

    Love and Licks!
    Bad Penny

  3. lisa298 says:

    Maja, I loved this and it is so close to a few conversations I have been having lately with myself and others. I love that we have similar feelings on a few different topics and I simply think you are rather wonderful xxxxx

    • majasf says:

      Thank you so much beautiful, Lisa!
      I do love that too, we should so meet some day! I’m pretty sure we would hit if of and have a funtastic time 🙂
      You are such a brilliant person and your writings are amazing and inspirational as well. I love your honesty!

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