Dear broken promise!

Even on the brightest day

There you are

Out of nowhere, slapping my face

I don’t want you here

You are not welcome

Not anymore

We’ve done this way too often

And you know it

Why don’t you just go somewhere else?

I’m sure you can find a stronger person

Who can kick you easily to the gutter

You never seem to fail

I have pushed you out the door

One too many times

You make me feel weak

I need to be strong

Let’s finish this

Once and for all

I have no need for you

You have used me too many times

Can’t you see?

Guess my reaction

Is worth all your troubles

You sure know how to welcome yourself

Enough about your gifts

Let’s find a new place for you

Down the trash

I will follow you out, right away

You appear in everybody’s life

I know that

But you’ve been here too much

I don’t want you

I blow you a kiss on your way out

Well knowing you will be back

Please stay away a little longer

I don’t ask for too much

Just a little peace and quietness

If I could, I would

Return you to the people who send you

They deserve to feel you and your power

About majasf

Single mom
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