Want to ruin me?

Before you read any further, I want to apologize in advance for this blog because I am perfectly aware that what happened today is not the pharmacy’s fault at all! But I do need to vent because I am furious, just not sure who exactly to address it to and since it is Saturday, I have to wait until Monday to start calling around but believe me, this mom will ROAR!

My son has to take folate pills because he was lacking folate in his spinal fluid back in 2009, however the doctor’s never took the time to investigate exactly why he had almost zero folate in the spinal fluid which concerns me greatly every day but that is another blog, I guess.

It is no secret that these folate pills has been a hell of their own because the brand/firm (Rescuvolin) we started with in 2009, all of the sudden stopped making these pills (or so I was told from the pharmacy back then). With the old pills, I had to pay £92 each month.

In Denmark we are pretty fortunate and receive discount on prescription medication after some time (depending on what etc)

These pills did give discount after some months. Lucky for me as a single mom to a very sick child.

BUT then we had to switch brand and these pills was extremely EXPENSIVE! I had to pay £194 EACH month but just as I got down on ‘only’ paying £92 each month, the pharmacy told me that they could not get them anymore either. I had to call the hospital right away and it was a chaotic mess but the doctor called the pharmacy to sort things out. You see, to get these pills, I need to have, of course, the prescription but also a permission and getting that, takes time! So every time, you change the brand of the pills, a new permission has to be sought.

Luckily (or so I thought) the pharmacy had told the doctor that now they could get the old pills (Rescuvolin) again and they still had the permission stored so I could just call and order them, it would be no problem.

I, then called the pharmacy and the lady sounded really confused and told me that they could not get “Rescuvolin” but it was still the Calcium Folate (the new pills) and she already had ordered those for me (brilliant, or so I thought!) and she would get them delivered to the pharmacy where we always pick up medication.

Today, Tobias and I walked to the pharmacy. When the lady came back with the plastic bag filled with ten glasses of pills, I looked down in it to find out that now they have completely changed the brand of pills again and I asked her what I now had to pay.


Seriously, WTF are they thinking? Again, I am perfectly aware that the pharmacy does not price the medicines etc but this is so frustrating!

Right now, I am hometraining my son and therefore get a kind of salary from our local system BUT from September I will have half the income I have now!

To me it seems way to suspect and like someone in our government are thinking; how about we make sure to change name and brand of pills randomly, that way we do not have to give any discount?!

It pisses me off!

But what almost made me call the lady at the pharmacy a cunt was this:

The pharmacy lady: We do everything we can to make sure you get the pills you want.

(she cocks her head to one side and smiles a very fake smile)

Me: Do you really think I want these pills to begin with? Do you think having a very sick child is a wish of mine?

The pharmacy lady: But it is not our fault that the pills changes but we even ordered these from the UK just to make sure that you get the pills you want.

(She might as well just wash her hands, nice and clean! They did NOT order the pills, I wanted)

Me: Listen! These pills are not what I want! I was told I would get Calcium Folate! I want a copy of the papers you have about these pills, the prescription, notes from you and the doctor now!

The pharmacy lady: We do not make copies for customers and do you still want the other stuff you have there?

(I had taken a nice foot bath oil and salt, I wanted to spoil myself tonight)

Me: NO, I cannot afford that now! It is my right as a mother to have a copy of those papers now! Do you want me to read out loud my rights?

The pharmacy lady walks out in a back room and comes back with a copy, I pay for the pills.

On my way home, I had to withhold the tears because that is exactly how angry I was! I still am but moving on. My son is smiling and it is not his fault that mommy is angry.

The pills does contain the exact same as the other but how come the prescription all of the sudden says: for kidney disease? My son does not have a kidney disease unless there is something the doctors forgot to tell me!? This is even the doctor herself, who wrote that on the prescription!

Again, I am perfectly aware that some might read this and think that I was too hard on that pharmacy lady, but I have not even written half about how these pills have been a completely and utter mess to deal with. And I admit, I have quite the temper (if you did not know) BUT come on, life is darn difficult as it is. I just want the system to function, is that really too much to ask for? I think now! But it is weekend, I cannot do anything about this right now.

But bring it on, Monday!

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