Tobias, my little Victor!

Today is one brilliant day in spite of me being sick with the cold.

Tobias woke up pretty early, still looking very tired so we went to my bed and took another hour, that was so needed but then when I put Tobias on the floor in my bedroom, he did the most amazing thing I have yet experienced in his journey on becoming well. He walked straight from my bedroom to the kitchen and stood right in front of the fridge. He was in his underwear and so was I and I really had to pee but what do you do when your boy finally takes his very first trip to the kitchen and ‘tell’ you that he is hungry?

You put everything else on standby and start preparing breakfast. Tobias even stayed in the kitchen, keeping an eye on my every move. When I had prepared it all, we went into the living room together. I cannot tell with words how amazing this is and how big it really is! Because this was the first time ever I experienced this. Tobias is 6 years old and for the longest time, we have never done anything ‘together’ meaning that I did all the things for him; we have had this kind of parallel relationship. No communication, only me talking, playing, dancing, singing, reading etc while he just looked the other way or something.  But this was true heaven, to feel like we were actually doing something together. He watched me prepare our food and he even smiled so widely.


I hope this will happen again and that Tobias is on his way to communicating with me. Makes everything so much easier even though I can read him pretty well when it comes to his basis needs.

I do not want to write that much today because really what is there to say other than Tobias is the best, a fighter who surprised me so often these days! I am blessed to have him, how he teaches me so much in life. He is just a kid and I have met a lot of amazing people in my life but no one has taught me this much as he has done. I know many parents would say that but not many parents goes through what we do (luckily) but in spite of it all being chaotic and frustrating at times, it is a different way to live and it is all about embracing the small things in life.

Thank you, Tobias!



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One Response to Tobias, my little Victor!

  1. Wonderful news Maja, so happy for you! Hope the rest of the day is as fantastic for you.

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