The journey with @MSHilton

As many of you know I’m the single mother to Tobias who has an unknown illness and you may also know that about 4 months ago I decided to put him on a gluten and dairy free diet. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this diet and I was quite worried if it was good enough for my son etc. I doubted myself a lot and felt like I had no one to talk it over with. I mean, yes of course, I have family and my Bestie but not an expert who could follow up on the new diet and how to improve it etc.

Therefore I would love to share with you the last updates on Tobias and what I’m doing to improve him etc.

I found Micheal Hilton (nutrition expert) on Facebook and I got him to read the blog I wrote about my son

He answered back quickly and I was sure he would just tell me that he couldn’t help as so many have done in the past. But no he didn’t write that.

Actually he wrote me back that we could chat over Skype and we did that. I was very pleased with the things Micheal told me because truth is, he said many of the things I’ve been thinking myself when it comes to Tobias, but I never found anyone who actually gave my son ‘the benefit of the doubt’.

He believes in my son which is also the very first for me to actually have someone believing that Tobias can become better!

So Micheal emailed me some forms I had to fill out, Tobias’ nutrition/food plans amongst others. I was thinking: “Hey I got this!” my son gets the healthiest food and we’re already taken away the bad gluten and dairies so surely there’s nothing there, but boy was I wrong. Micheal told me that I definitely had to get rid of pasta even though they were gluten free, they’re still no good.

Okay, but gosh my son loves pasta but Micheal told me that I just had to do it and I did. I could already feel the change in my son after a week. Before Tobias was often either having diarrhea or he was constipated and he woke up a lot in the nights as well. Here I thought that gluten free pastas’ were pretty awesome and healthy but nope! So we took those away along with grains. A week after Micheal wanted me to get rid of Soy and all other wannabe’s ‘dairies’. Hmm, that made me quite scared as well because wouldn’t my son lose weight then? Something my son definitely didn’t need to do but Micheal explained to me exactly what Soy is and what it does to a body/gut especially if you’re troubled to begin with. So I moved on with the diet (now called our new lifestyle). My mom was very frustrated with me and felt like I was doing something wrong. You see, in Denmark, we think eating is a part of having a great time and by eating I mean lots of cakes and white bread and now I was taking away everything. It gave me a lot of trouble and worries but Micheal told me why we did this and that I need to trust myself and my choices. Tobias has now been completely pasta, grains and soy (plus all other wannabe’s) FREE and I know he’s feeling better! His skin is improving. Before Tobias’ skin was dry, no matter how much lotion I used and believe me, I’ve tried a million different brands but they didn’t work. Now his skin is really healing and the tone of his skin is becoming a lot better as well. Before he was really pale but now he looks healthy and he doesn’t have dark circles under or around the eyes. It’s also like Tobias is waking up. He was more awake before we intensified the diet but now it’s even more intense and he looks around when he hear sounds (he didn’t before) and the way he now looks at me, wow that’s amazing!

Tobias’ facial expressions are changing too and now he looks fully alert and he’s curious! I’m just waiting for him to start using his hands because he looks like he really wants to.

My family also sees these changes in Tobias and we all love it! Tobias is slowly changing (coming back) and I can’t wait to see where this takes us and please have in mind, we only changed his nutrition! Tobias still has a long way ahead of him to be fully healed but he’s definitely better than 3 months ago and I know it takes more time when you do it the healthy way but I try to be patient!

I still think I might be in need of a neurologist to help and improve my son and his nervous system but hey, maybe in time that will be healing as well.  Truth is that he’s becoming more relaxed. He still walks around on his toes and he still has the stereotyped movements with his hands but when he’s sitting down, he’s not having those movements that much and that’s a big deal!

Before, Tobias had a lot of trouble with gaining weight. But after removing the pastas and grains, he actually gained weight. Then after removing soy and all the wannabe’s he lost that weight again. I told Micheal my worry about this but he told me that the body needs to find its own weight when you change the nutrition.

Then yesterday we were visiting my parents and my mom and I ended up having the same discussion again about how she thinks his nutrition should be and she kept talking about sour cream and cream. Since I apparently couldn’t explain my mom why this is being done, I quickly wrote Micheal who answered right away with a long explanation and when I had read that out loud to my mom, she gave in and understood why Tobias can’t have those things right now.

My dad weighed Tobias and YES he has gained weight again! So his body is readjusting to the healthy nutrition. Also his gut is becoming more well. He’s not constipated anymore and no diarrhea either. Before all of this he often burped or farted. He still does that but not in the same amount as before.

Micheal calls me once a week and we talk about how the past week has been, how Tobias is and I get to ask questions. Also Micheal is always ready to answer me via Facebook or Skype if needed. Believe me, I’m one asking woman sometimes so I’m happy he hasn’t gotten tired of me. I get easily confused but that’s no problem either.

Bonus: But not only has Micheal helped my son and he’s still helping but actually he’s helped me as well with telling me to trust myself and I feel much more confident! Plus improving the new lifestyle, I don’t have migraines as often as I had before!

My skills in the kitchen has improved a great deal as well because I’ve been challenge to make as much as possible myself and there’s a lot of things I’m not allowed to use anymore and that was a huge worry before but not anymore because healthy, home-made food just tastes better. FACT! Also now I have an addiction to coconut and use that A LOT!


So Micheal, thank you so much for helping us! Really, we need more people like you who have passion for what they do! I’m excited for this journey and thankful to have you guiding us!


 I ‘stole’ this picture from Micheal’s facebook because I LOVE it and I think we all need to think like this. We deserve happiness in our lives… so start cooking 🙂



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