Why treat us like this?

I’m in shock!

A little over two years ago, I moved into a new neighborhood because I lived on 2nd floor in a very ‘criminal neighborhood’ with my son who can’t walk that far himself, and definitely can’t walk the stairs so had to carry him up and down. So I moved us to this neighborhood where it’s very lovely and quiet, just what we needed after a very chaotic life.

It’s mostly elderly people living here and they have been so sweet…. Some of them! When I first moved in, I used a stroller for my son, everyday, when we had to get out. So I let it be outside our front door, that way I didn’t have to carry my son too much but all of a sudden, I got a complaint from one of the neighbors, I don’t know who, but apparently someone was tired of the stroller being outside OUR door and let me just say this; we live in the end of a hallway so it wasn’t in the way for anyone at all! Then I asked the janitor of the building if we could park it where the elderly people has their walkers and nope, we couldn’t! So I had to take it inside our hall every day. Our hall isn’t big but it was the only choice I had.

Now I finally got this amazing bike, a ‘cargo’ bike where my son can sit very comfortable while we’re out. It’s a very heavy and big bike so I can’t get it in the basement and there’s no room for it where all the other bikes are parked outside so I talked to the president of the housing association to hear if I could get permission to hold it right outside our building, under the roof, right next to two electric scooters and I got permission from her. It’s been parked there for about 3 weeks now.


This is our amazing bike!




Yesterday I was outside and one of the old men (he’s the owner of one of the electric scooters) told me that he think I should remove my bike because it looks dreadful having it next to the bench where people often sit to smoke or just get some air and many residents had talked about how annoying it was etc. I told him that my son is sick and I can’t carry him all the time (He’s 6 years old!!!) plus that I have permission to have it there, just as he has permission to park his electric scooter. He looked at me with mean eyes and told me that I really should remove it. It made me very sad because he’s always been so sweet to me and my boy and all of a sudden he’s like this?! I got so angry that I could feel tears pressing so I told him that he could visit my son and me to see how bad it is during the day! And that he should really stop complaining since he has a walker inside the hallway (right when you enter our building) plus he has the electric scooter. He then said something but I didn’t hear it because I ran inside and just started crying as soon as I’ve closed my door. I talked to the president of the housing association again and she told me that she would talk with him and that I shouldn’t let it upset me because I was in my right to park there.

Today I rode my son to school and then went home to my Bestie, Anja. Later, I picked my son up from school, when we got home another bench was right next to the other one so my bike could no longer fit there. So there I was, alone, with my boy who was screaming because he was so tired and then I couldn’t park my bike anywhere. Luckily another man helped me removing the bench. Really it wasn’t only about me, not being able to park my bike but I felt shitty about the whole situation.

This might sound like I’m being totally girly and petty but it makes me so sad that my son and I can’t feel like we’re welcome here at all. Why can’t people understand that my son is sick and therefore I need all the help I can get? I can’t carry him all the time, he’s getting big. It’s unpleasant to feel like people don’t want you here. I simply can’t understand why anyone would treat a woman and her child like this. It’s harassment and sorry, but it frustrates me that we’re talking about an old man who uses assistive devices as well and then he goes ahead and acts like this.

Surely I can’t proof that he’s the one who put that extra bench there but it’s just very weird that the day after he tells me the other stuff, the extra bench has moved from the other side of the building to the side where my bike usually is parked, only so there’s just enough room for his electric scooter.

I’m stressed enough as it is and having this neighbor treating me like this, breaks me down! I hope he’ll quit ASAP with this behavior because nothing scares me more than someone acting like this especially because he’s also someone who enjoys a beer or ten. I don’t feel comfortable at all!

Sorry for this rant but dammit it makes me angry!

I didn’t choose for my son to be sick! Would I wish, I didn’t need extra assistive devices for him?


Why is it that some people only think about themselves and why disrespect others?


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2 Responses to Why treat us like this?

  1. Sheila G says:

    My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your stories. I understand how frustrating this situation can be. It pains me to hear how cruel others can be to one another. It pains me to know that Tobias & you are being treated/looked upon differently because of his disability. From what I have read on your blog pages & twitter, you are an awesome mother. Raising a child with any form of disability is not easy. But I sense how much you LOVE him and want to give him the best of things in life. BTW that bike is awesome. So happy to know you have a safe way to get around town with Tobias.Be strong girl. Don’t every give up. You & Tobias are in my prayers daily. ~ Sheila

    • majasf says:

      Sheila, thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me!
      Yes I’m very shocked as well, especially because this man used to be kind to us and all of a sudden he changes. Plus I really can’t deal with people who drink like he does. I don’t like it! And I hate drama. Especially drama created because some man can’t accept that my son and I need to have that bike there… pathetic of him really!

      I promise, I’ll never give up! 🙂

      I hope you’re doing good!

      XOXO Maja

      And thanks for the prayers 🙂

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