Getting there…

This photo isn’t new but it means a lot to me!

This photo represents so many things to me.
My son suffers from an unknown illness and that have meant that our lives were together and yet we weren’t. Throughout some years, he was in his own world and I was outside. It was a nightmare. Try imagining losing eye contact with your child, he’s not paying any attention to you (because of something happening inside his body and mind, something he can’t even control) but luckily and I’m very thankful for this; We are connecting again, he looks at me and pays attention. Smiles when I smile, laughs when I do etc.

So this picture reminds me of all the troubles we’ve been through but for every day that passes by, we’re getting stronger together! He’s still very ‘sick’ but now he looks at me, he sees me!

Never forget to have eye contact with the person who means the world to you. Never take anything for granted!

My goal is to have a picture taken of my son and I were we’re looking in each other’s eyes 🙂 But until that moment is captured, I just enjoy every time he looks in my eyes!

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