Your heart is screaming at you

Do it, do it, do it NOW

But your brain is saying something else

Don’t do it, you can’t, someone is better


You look at yourself in the mirror

You don’t look the same

You’re older and yet you feel older than you look

Face it, you’re aging


You haven’t reached those dreams

You so passionately had when you were young

You’re heart is still screaming at you

But your brain is still denying it


Time is everything and yet it’s nothing

You know where to turn and where to look

Passion is there, the fire is wild and you know

The key is held by YOU


Now grab that key, do it NOW

Listen not to your heart or brain

Just do it, timing is everything

You’re ready and you know it!


Your heart is making a sound of relief

Your brain is relaxed and your mind is free

To do what you’ve been wanting

In the longest time, you smile!


Age is positive and learning

Stop looking negatively at yourself

Love the mirror, let it love you

Believe in yourself!


Trust yourself and realize that you’re the best

It’s no competition, it’s just YOU

Following your path, your dreams

Let the passion guide you on!



About majasf

Single mom
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