How would you feel?

(This blog is ‘dedicated’ to a person who’s a complete ass! If YOU ever read this one, don’t say I never did anything for you because this blog post is dedicated to YOU!)


Every other Sunday, he has to be with you.

I thought we were getting somewhere. I thought, you finally realized that you need to make an effort if you want him to be much happier when he’s with you but apparently, I was wrong… again!

How on earth, can you stand there, talking to me like that while he’s right there next to us?

How would you feel if you were a little one, standing between two adults and one of them were talking the way you do – would you feel loved?

To say that you don’t think it can any be any better, and that you’re actually not interested in it and yet you keep on wanting to have him every other Sunday…why? You don’t know him or his needs! You don’t even fight for it!

To force him to be in a garden, when it’s windy and cold, and you know that he’s not capable of doing the same as any other child his age and yet, you demand that he should be running about and he shouldn’t cry when you put him on a swing? Well, damn you!

Try to show him that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Guide him, show him you care and that you’re there to protect him. When he cries, comfort him – tell him how proud you are. Show him how to do things and most importantly, be patient!

Damn you, for being so inconsiderate! He starts to cry… well duh, he doesn’t know what you expect from him and as soon as he cries, you bring him home to me. That’s totally fine because he needs me more than you! Sorry, but it’s the truth!

How would you feel, if an adult tried to make demands on what you had to do – even though the adult was aware that you couldn’t use your hands as others. And, as soon as you started to cry out of frustrations and confusion, the adult wouldn’t take responsibility, or show you that he/she cares enough for you to try to guide you, instead of just making demands? How would you feel if every time you were sad or tired, the adult wouldn’t try to hold you in her/his arms? Instead, the adult would just take you home to your mom? How would you feel, if someone loved you a lot and showed interest while you were well, but when you got sick from some unknown disease – the adult lost interest and kept saying how bad you were?

I guess, you could try to fight to have a better relationship with him but it won’t be any better when you keep expecting him to do better! It won’t be any better when you keep comparing him to others his age!


I wish the system would help me – I wish the system could see right through you!

I swear, if I could make it happen, you wouldn’t be seeing him anymore!

You should’ve loved him no matter what!

It’s fine, that you’re a coward. It’s fine that you’re that selfish. It’s fine that you don’t make an effort. It’s fine that you’re not capable. But it’s NOT fine that you say the things you say, in front of him! It’s NOT fine that you make me cry with your ignorant words! It’s NOT fine that you blame him for not being able to do certain things. Most importantly, It’s NOT fine that you insist of taking him home every other Sunday, when you don’t try to meet him at his level! You’re supposed to be a role model, you’re supposed to show him your strength! Well, you can’t show anything you don’t have!

But it’s fine that you are that stupid, maybe you weren’t taught any better. Well, it’s not really a maybe, is it? They lost interest too!

I’m thankful that I have people in my life that are never running away. People who loves him for who he is today – not who he could be or who he might be some day. But loving him for who he is TODAY! Because he is wonderful and I can’t even understand how you can treat him this way! I’m thankful that God put strength inside that little one and in me… I proud that him and I are were we are today – he’s becoming stronger and stronger for each day and yet, you can’t see it. You must be blind! You’re the only one who can’t see it. It says more about you than anyone else!

How would you feel if the person you should always feel loved by, wasn’t there for you – always told you to do better – always blamed you for things you couldn’t control yourself? 

I don’t blame you for being who you are but don’t be surprised if one day, he blames you for being an ignorant bastard!

It’s fine that you are the way you are – I guess, one thing never change with you… You’ll always be a coward who can’t see your own mistakes. It’s fine that you think the world of yourself…. You’re not his world… so at least he has a decent chance of becoming a good man with good values. 


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