My boy is definitely moving forward! *happy tears*

I’m in HAPPY tears right now!

So, I went down on my knees in the opposite end of our living room than where my son was. I called his name and asked him to give mommy a hug… what happened? He came over to me, all smiles, took his arms around me and put his head on my shoulder. My goodness, this has never happened before! Yes, before he got sick from the unknown disease and yes, he’s been able to hug for a while but never like this. It’s was a strong hug and he even came to me! ‘Normally’ he would just look at me and not come to me! I’m the happiest mom right now!

After this, I put him in his PJ’s, brushed his teeth and then asked if he wanted to go to bed and what happened? He looked at me, smiled widely and then he walked into his room… Again, this is the first time this has happened like this ever since he became sick. I’m extremely thankful for this! I have no words… this is a miracle! My little champ is a MIRACLE! He’s a fighter and for the first time in a long time, I truly feel like my little man is returning to me. 

Tobias means ‘The goodness of God’ and I must say this is very true! God definitely put something inside my boy because something is finally happening! 

Tobias, you surprise me each and every day! Thank you for showing me that nothing is impossible! I love you!




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One Response to My boy is definitely moving forward! *happy tears*

  1. Audrey says:

    I am so happy to read that!!!!
    Congrats Tobias!!! Yes you are a little champion 🙂

    Many hugz coming from me to you and your mommy xoxo

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