Control Freak meets Unstoppable Water

Last Thursday (December 11) ended pretty bad.

I was having a good evening with my Bestie, just talking and enjoying a good cup of coffee when all of a sudden, a dripping sound occurred. First, my Bestie said: “I think it’s something outside.” but I went straight to my kitchen and thank goodness I did. Brown water (so disgusting) was floating up from the sink… it didn’t stop and I tried to put my hand down into the sink in the hopes of… well, I don’t know what I was hoping for or why I did so. I think, I panicked as I could see the dirty water wasn’t stopping. My Bestie came running out to me and we threw towels on the floor. Still the water wasn’t stopping and we started emptying the kitchen, the floor and the table. Within a few minutes, the floor was covered in brown water, it had a hideous smell and I just wanted to scream out of frustration.

IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846

It’s quite difficult to see (on these pictures) just how much water was running out from the sink… you can see how dirty the water is though 😦

I called the plumber right away but dammit, the secretary answering the phone sure did have all the time in the world, it was so annoying. It took at least five minutes before I had talked to the plumber who would be there within 15 minutes or so. This happened at about 7:15 pm and my son would be home at 8 pm (he has a long day in school at Thurdays because after school, he’s staying with a few other kids where the teachers are making dinner with them and they are just having a good time. This is a special offer for families with children, who needs extra care and I finally took the offer as I could feel the stress building up in my mind and body. It’s really a bonus because I get some time to myself and my son loves the extra time in school because they really do enjoy the time together. In fact, he’s just loving school more and more, which makes me extremely happy because last year, he wasn’t that happy about school and it could be quite difficult to get him there but now, he loves it. This was a side fact LOL)

Anyways, everything was a mess, the living room filled with kitchen stuff, the hallway was cluttered too and water everywhere in the kitchen. It was damn cold outside but I had to open the balcony door because of the terrible smell from the water.

IMG_0853 IMG_0848

Finally the plumber came but oh my, oh my, what a dork. Sorry but he was! He just looked at the water, stated that he could see the problem and I was like ‘Really, you do? Wow you sure didn’t waste your education.’ He couldn’t do anything and got back to his wagon where he just sat. Since water was still running out from the sink, I went out to him and asked what would happen now? And he just answered that he had to call someone else and they would be here within 45 minutes or so… 45 minutes?! Hmm, really frustrating for a control freak like me. I hate when I can’t do shit. My son came home and I had to put him directly to bed (my bed) with a cartoon because of the mess and chaos. Luckily he was very tired and fell asleep right away.

About 50 minutes later, another man came to my apartment and at least he seemed like he actually knew what he was talking about…. Lucky me! But about 3 hours went by before they cleared the problem. Apparently the waste pipe was blocked and since my apartment is below ten other apartments, I got all their water!!!


The other plumber who luckily knew what to do

Luckily, no water was running up from the sink anymore, but unfortunately because so much time had passed, all the water on the floor had gone away… gone under my floor!


Here you can see the water is gone and all there’s left, is the dirtiness from the water

About 10 pm another man arrived to the scene and he was supposed to clean up; the dirty water (that really wasn’t there anymore) and clean up from all the mess the other two men had made. This man was sweet but way too talkative and boy, did he flirt LOL I got one compliment after another. I just wanted to either laugh or tell him that he’s here to get things done. Since this happened on a Thurday night, the ‘cleaning man’ wasn’t sure that anyone would come the day after (Friday) to check up on the situation but he could write in the journal that a hot brunette was living there (yep, that’s what he said to me) and I could see that my Bestie was about to laugh. Well I am a hot brunette (or whatever LOL) but the entire situation was just too funny. He helped me empty the cabinets. All the things in the cabinets; vases, jars and plastic bowls were filled with brown water… so two moving boxes were filled and all of this I had to clean. Some things had to be thrown out. The kitchen floor got removed and a huge machine (dehumidifier) were put in the kitchen.


This machine had to dry out the entire room.  The machine might be very annoying but at least it didn’t take long before the flooring was dry again.

IMG_0860 IMG_0861

That machine I still have, but hopefully it will be gone on Monday. The machine creates such a dryness in the kitchen, it’s super noisy and wow my kitchen feels like a sauna.I’m missing three cabinets, the sink, have no water and no room. I know it could be worse because if I hadn’t been at home, things would definitely have been looking a lot worse but come on, Christmas is just around the corner, and I can’t really use my kitchen.

IMG_1108 IMG_1110

My kitchen status quo

My son’s room is now a storage room for all the stuff. My walk-in closet filled with kitchen things as well. It’s just too messy and chaotic for a control freak like me.

IMG_0856 IMG_0857

My sons room at the moment

But on the plus side; I get a new oven – YAY! I did asked our janitor some time ago, if my oven could be replaced because it wasn’t functioning as it should  but back then, the answer was no. But now the answer is yes. I guess he feels bad about my kitchen situation.

That Thursday night was super annoying because who wants a water damage? But I have to admit, my Bestie and I did chuckle a lot about the entire situation… If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right 😉


I’m truly looking forward to get my kitchen back. It’s not easy to take the dishes in the bathroom sink, since it’s very small. But at least I do have water 🙂

This Control Freak sure is looking forward to Monday (December 21) because hopefully the dehumidifier machine will be gone (it’s not compeltely sure but I hope so!)

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2 Responses to Control Freak meets Unstoppable Water

  1. Ophelia says:

    lots of adventures! but great everything is summed up now.
    smooth from monday. till then perk up! you did great.

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