…My love awaits me…


I am writing this to YOU even though I do not know who you are


I thought, love did not mean anything to me

That it was not for me, something I did not deserve

See, I thought I was broken, broken by someone I trusted

…Very much…

Someone who gave me the greatest gift of them all

My son

Life threw an obstacle on my path

Or a millions

I forgot about my dream, the passion within me

But I am still here, the princess inside me

I still want to meet you

Feel you

Kiss you

Embrace you

I am not broken, I just fell on my way to you

Or are you on your way to me?

Only time will tell but I want you to know

That I might seem like I do not care

But you will see the truth, you will see the real me

The me who still wants to be a part of a team

The team consisting of YOU and ME

I do not know where you live, are you even near?

Do you think of me as I think of you?

My beautiful stranger, I am right here

Here waiting for you to

Feel me

Kiss me

Embrace me

I am tired of the hide and seek game

And yet I know

The best comes to those who will wait

I will wait for you, wait for us

Our adventure has not started yet but I swear

Once it start; I will fight for every step we take, fight for us

See, I did think I had found my love, but it did not last

I often asked myself why, why did it not last?

It did not last because it was not right

I was meant to go on a different path

A path I had trouble walking because I was broken

But the path gets easier for every step I take

My beautiful stranger; I am taking a leap of faith

I do not know your name


But I know it will be music in my ears as your voice

Your arms will be the wings protecting me, guiding me

But most importantly

It will be the wings of love

The love I am awaiting

You, my future knight in shining armor

Thank you for letting my dream in my heart live on

Thanks for the smiles you place on my lips

The happy thoughts in my mind when everything seems impossible

I know it is not

In time, when it is right

We will meet

But until then; stay safe, true but most importantly; keep believing

Believing in YOU and ME

I know your love awaits me and know this

My love is awaiting you too…


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Single mom
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