…Happy New Year…


If you don’t have time to read this novel of a blog post, then I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. Thanks for being in my life, even if we’ve never met face to face.

I want to thank all of you, who took time to be there for me… the people who I chat with from time to time… Thanks for being YOU!

If 2014 sucked, then don’t throw it in the trash but put the memories (good and bad) in a box, and put it away… 2014 might not have been your year but you still learned something, even if you feel like you didn’t.



Note: Remember not to drink and drive… also be safe when you’re out and about tonight.


To me, 2014 have been quite the rollercoaster… well, that’s really nothing new but still I can look back at this year and still smile. It weren’t all that bad, to be honest.

I published a new book (in Danish) that’s the very first one in a trilogy and so far, I’m only getting good reviews which makes me so grateful and proud as well.


I started studying at the university (A bachelor in Library Science and Knowledge Communication). An education I was really looking forward to but, unfortunately 2014 was also the year were Tobias developed epilepsy and it really did take a torn on him and me. Luckily (and I am aware that this is only a symptom treatment but still, it does the trick for us right now) the medication he’s getting is working, and it doesn’t seem like he’s having any side effects. Yes, in the beginning he didn’t sleep at all but the doctors told me it wasn’t because of the medication but anyways, Tobias is now sleeping at night again – only he’s still in my bed, which is about to change. Now I’m more comfortable with him sleeping in his own room again and boy do we need that? YES! He’s loves to cuddle and it’s lovely but really, I don’t sleep enough and he’s taking up so much space even though he’s not so big LOL. I didn’t want him to sleep in his own room when the epilepsy started out and as the mom I am, it took some time before I trusted that he could sleep by himself again. But ‘Operation: get son to sleep in own room again’ starts tomorrow! (It could start today but he’s spending the night with my parents).

2014 was the year I finally got FULL custody over Tobias, which I’m happy for – not because I ever want to take away his dad, or deny who he is…. I’ve really tried getting ‘daddy’ more involved but without luck so I demanded (yes I did that) to get full custody so I could take charge myself and knowing I did what’s best for my son. He’s no longer going home to his dad every other Sunday either. This is sad, and it does create a little more stress for me as I no longer have a certain day where I can just relax… But it’s all worth it when I look at my boy and I see the change in him. He’s much happier now and he doesn’t become apathetic anymore.

This year, we had a water damage in our kitchen, which was really annoying but I did get a new stove and faucet LOL so I’m happy.

10624784_10204050824485779_7606923533728559102_n 10689919_10204117101182655_909224141153670425_n

This year is also the year were I really began trusting myself in the kitchen and I can now say that I’m becoming quite the baker LOL something I never wanted to learn, I hated baking but now I’m truly enjoying it.

10801919_10204004263161775_6337676860890944457_n 10438355_10203944572229539_8300276276273269031_n 10532358_10203836384524914_3573310027488290923_n

It sucks I couldn’t be more present in my class at the university during the first semester; and I do dread the exams in January since I could’ve done a lot better at studying. But life happens and my son is my highest priority – there are some prices when you’re a single mom to a boy who’s challenging you in ways ‘normal’ children wouldn’t.

This year has been amazing to my boy. He started in a new class and gosh, it has changed so much and I’m so happy to report that he’s actually moving forward. He’s loving school, the teachers and the other children. Tobias never really ‘liked’ other children in school but now he seeks their company by himself. I don’t think I can ever thank those teachers enough, they have done so much for my boy. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the other class he was in, but there simply wasn’t enough room or time for my boy and now he’s in a better environment as well. The rooms are spacious and light. I just love it and it makes me relax a little, knowing he’s in safe hands. Plus on Thursdays, Tobias is staying in school until 8 pm! Yes, you read correct. I’ve actually tried to let go a little, throw away the constant control and the feeling of ‘I can do everything by myself’ because I can’t… or can I? LOL 😉


It’s an offer we have in our community, that children with special needs can stay Tuesdays and Thursdays (I didn’t want both days) and then some teachers are staying with those children, cooking with/for them, watching cartoons, having fun etc. It’s absolutely brilliant and my son is really liking it. Yes, he’s tired when he comes home, but the sparkle in his eyes… oh it’s lovely!

The best lesson, I’ve learned this year (but let’s see if I don’t have to learn it all over again in 2015 LOL but I’m going to try to keep it) is to let go a little. Trusting others to be able to take care of my son.

How did I learn this? Well, I broke down completely, my mind was chaotic but my body wasn’t in a good place either. It sucked but it’s brightening now and I know I need to be me as well, me as in just being Maja. I’ll always be a mommy, no doubt in that and I wouldn’t ever want to change that! But I need to remember myself in order to be the best mommy ever!

2015 is going to be a great year! Why? Because I choose to believe that. Will struggle and obstacles still come and go? Yes, of course, it’s life!

I’m going to finally watch the movie of a lifetime haha – sure, some might not agree but I’m looking forward to see Mr. Grey on the big screen… YAY!

I’m going to London with my Bestie… I know this is going to be a great challenge because I’m still damn afraid of flying and to think I have to be away from my son for 5 days –  not sure how that’s going to play out but let’s try it 😉

My Bestie and I are also going to a concert next summer…. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett… this is awesome and I can’t wait.

2014 you were not my favorite year but definitely not the worst either! Thanks for teaching me lessons, thanks for letting me know that I have to let go of control every now and then. But most of all; thank you for the development in my son!

I could write a lot more about my year, and probably forgot some important things but I really have to go… need to get ready for tonight and I’m way behind… as always… LOL

 2015, come on I’m ready for you!


Hugs, kisses and cheers again


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