Loving 2015 so far…

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To be honest, I was not expecting much from this year but so far, 2015 has been the best year in years…

I’m now a student at the university – studying a bachelor in library science and knowledge communication.

University_of_Southern_Denmark_Kolding_Campus_MS_02(Photo is found on Google – here you can see inside the university)

I’m not yet sure what exactly I’m going to use the education on when I’m completely done since you can actually use it for several different career paths – so let’s see what it brings. It has been extremely difficult and very challenging being a student again after many years off the school market but I think I’m finally in a place where my life is a little more calm and relaxed.

And then, there is my trip to London next week… yes, I still have the fear of flying but it’s not as bad as it was some time ago. It has truly helped seeing a psychologist about my fears. Only, she stated that it is me being an utter control freak and that’s really the true reason behind some of my panics in life. But I’m looking forward to see London again and experiencing it this time with my Bestie. I admit; I’m probably going to miss my boy A LOT but I need this trip and he does too because he’s going to spend time with his grandparents without me being around. So all in all a win win – I just need to allow myself to be Maja without overthinking everything.

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Then in July I’m going to a concert with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – so excited for this.


But the biggest joy of this year (and I know nothing can beat this) is the fact that my son is smiling so much and he’s focused on the people around him and the camera… oh, sweet happiness. I can actually take a picture of Tobias and not only is he smiling; but he’s also looking into the camera. If I switch the camera around, he looks at himself, and smiles. This has to be the biggest accomplishment and the biggest joy of them all. He did this before he got the unknown illness. Still Tobias is without a diagnosis and, of course, it’s quite the battle but I’m still in good spirit and I’ll always keep fighting along with my boy.

IMG_6654People who has been following his journey has come to me and told me that they see the difference. Even customers at our local grocery store has said it and our neighbors… that really means a lot to me and I’m super proud of my SuperBoy.



So I actually want to give a big shout out to the INCOMPETENT and totally idiotic (Yes, I mean this) psychologist who told me that my boy would end up in bed, only being able to stare into a wall.


You, dear psychologist, I’ll never forget you and to be honest, I’ve often thought about writing you a long letter but I’m going to wait… I’m going to wait because maybe I’ll just bring my son with me to your office so you can see how he’s doing. You ruined me completely with all of your statements when you had only met Tobias once. You did make me cry… but today I can actually think of you, and I smile. Smiling because my boy proved you wrong!

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So 2015, we’re not done at all but so far, so good. Thank you!

XOXO MajamMsduvs2

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